Small CO2 Extraction Machine

High-quality Small CO2 Extraction Machines/Tabletop CO2 Extractors for use in laboratories and homemade essential oils.

Small CO2 Extraction Machine/Tabletop CO2 Extractor

Tabletop CO2 Extractor

Small CO2 Extraction Machines/Tabletop CO2 Extractors are designed for use in CO2 extraction laboratories and are designed to test new batches of material/new matrix extraction conditions for larger extraction systems according to HACCP and GMP standards procedures, allowing precise control for analysis process parameters. The smaller than 500 ml tabletop CO2 extractor is designed to be placed on the laboratory bench, and the small CO2 extraction machine larger than 200ml and smaller than 5L can be placed on a frame with rollers for easy movement in the laboratory.

Composition of small CO2 extraction machine

2L Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine
1lb Small CO2 Extraction Machine

BIT’s L series small CO2 extraction machine consists of two pumps, one for carbon dioxide, the other for co-solvent, an extraction vessel (a second extraction vessel is optional for vessels larger than 200ml), and two/three separations container, and a separate cooler and heater. It can reach a maximum pressure (Pmax) of 1050 bar (100 to 200 ml machines are designed to work at 350 bar, 0.5-5 liters are designed to work at 500 bar, optional maximum pressure: 1050 bar;) and a maximum temperature (Tmax) of 85 °C. There are three pressure set points: the first for the extraction vessel, the second for the separation vessel 1, and the third for the separation vessel 2.

supercritical co2 extraction machine
5l small co2 extraction machine

Carbon dioxide is continuously circulated through a closed loop for fluid recirculation.

PLC version of the onboard PLC, the system is connected to the Internet via Ethernet, it is fully automatic and equipped with a touch screen.

Tabletop co2 extractor

ProjectL-100 L-200
Separator Ⅰ50ml/200bar100ml/200bar
Separator Ⅱ20ml/140bar50ml/140bar
Flow rate5000ml/h5000ml/h
Parameters of tabletop co2 extractor

Small CO2 Extraction Machine

Separator Ⅰ300ml/200bar600ml/200bar1l/200bar2l/200bar
Separator Ⅱ200ml/160bar300ml/160bar500ml/160bar1l/160bar
Flow rate50l/h50l/h50l/h50l/h
Options: Second extraction vessel, third separation vessel, higher extraction pressure up to 1000bar, distillation column

System Features

5L Small CO2 Extraction Machine
  • The most precise control, the most precise production
  • Realize the measurement and control of the internal temperature and pressure of the extraction kettle
  • Modular, scalable design for different supercritical fluid applications
  • The extraction kettle adopts a quick-opening design, which is safer and more convenient to operate.
  • High reliability, high precision, pulse-free CO2 pump system
  • Solve the noise problem that users are troubled by
  • Using a patented high-performance cyclone separator
  • Recirculation of supercritical fluids
  • Simple and intuitive software with a friendly interface