Supercritical CO2 cleaning machine

Supercritical carbon dioxide is an extraction and separation process that has emerged internationally. After continuous exploration and innovation, the application range has been continuously expanded. Currently, supercritical fluid extraction of flavors and oils, oxidation reaction treatment of polluted wastewater, and nanoparticle samples are widely used. Block drying, new material foaming treatment, pollution-free and harmless dyeing, pollution-free and residue-free cleaning, etc.

Example: Supercritical fluid is used for circuit board cleaning, operating pressure is 8-10MPa, temperature is 40-45℃, under supercritical state, surface dirt is not affected by capillary tension, surface tension is zero, cleaning is mainly carried by fluid washing , Clean the surface flux and other dirt.


What needs to be put forward in particular is the cleaning of circuit boards: the temperature and pressure are generally low to prevent damage to sensitive electrical components.

Fixture adjustability, circuit board specifications are complex, the fixture adopts a structure design of stepless adjustment, within a certain range, there are no specifications and level restrictions, and arbitrary adjustment can be realized to avoid intricate specifications affecting work efficiency.

Horizontal double opening structure design, quick opening structure design. While stable and reliable use, it makes operation easier and maintenance more convenient.

The carbon dioxide can be recycled and equipped with a recovery device, which greatly reduces the loss of carbon dioxide and reduces the operating cost of the equipment.

The equipment is equipped with a separation structure, and the carbon dioxide carried materials are collected and recycled without environmental pollution.