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Supercritical CO2 circuit board cleaning machine

Supercritical CO2 Fluid Cleaning Systems

Supercritical CO2 cleaning machine
Supercritical CO2 circuit board cleaning machine

1. System introduction:

Supercritical carbon dioxide is an extraction and separation process that has emerged internationally. After continuous exploration and innovation, the application range has been continuously expanded. Currently, supercritical fluid extraction of flavors and oils, oxidation reaction treatment of polluted wastewater, and nanoparticle samples are widely used. Block drying, new material foaming treatment, pollution-free and harmless dyeing, pollution-free and residue-free cleaning, etc.

Circuit board cleaning, operating pressure 8-10MPa, temperature 40-45℃, under supercritical state, surface dirt is not affected by capillary tension, surface tension is zero, cleaning is mainly carried by fluid washing, removing surface flux and other dirt Clean the items.

2. Process structure characteristics of cleaning device:

Temperature and pressure are generally low to prevent damage to sensitive electrical components.

Supercritical CO2 cleaning machine
Supercritical CO2 circuit board cleaning machine

Fixture adjustability, circuit board specifications are complex, the fixture adopts a structure design of stepless adjustment, within a certain range, there are no specifications and level restrictions, and arbitrary adjustment can be realized to avoid intricate specifications affecting work efficiency.

Horizontal double opening structure design, quick opening structure design. While stable and reliable use, it makes operation easier and maintenance more convenient.

The carbon dioxide can be recycled and equipped with a recovery device, which greatly reduces the loss of carbon dioxide and reduces the operating cost of the equipment.

The equipment is equipped with a separation structure, and the carbon dioxide carried materials are collected and recycled without environmental pollution.

The main technical parameters:

Cleaning the kettle:

Inner diameter of cylinder: 1000mm

Design pressure: 15MPa

Design temperature: room temperature -60℃

Body length: 3100mm


Effective volume: 60L×2

Design pressure: 10MPa

Design temperature: room temperature -60℃

CO2 pump: maximum displacement 169L/min maximum pressure 20MPa

Carrier agent pump: maximum displacement 18.9L/min maximum pressure 20MPa

Pressure test: 15MPa pressure sensor accuracy 0.5 level;

Cooling capacity: 21000 kcal/h closed cooling tower

Power supply: three-phase five-wire system 380V/50Hz

Total power: 36kW

Process equipment composition:

The cleaning device mainly includes: carbon dioxide refrigeration system, power source part, cleaning kettle, separator, back pressure valve control, pipe valves, flow measurement, heating system, mixer, filter, pressure and temperature control system, safety protection Equipment, on-site electrical control cabinet, main control cabinet, electrical control box and bracket, etc.

Performance parameters:

Carbon dioxide refrigeration system: (mainly including CO2 internal and external storage tanks, refrigeration system)

CO2 external storage tank:

Store liquid carbon dioxide, 15 cubic volume, vertical type, inner cylinder material is 16MnDR, interlayer vacuum degree ≤ 3Pa, storage tank internal pressure 2.2MPa, design with backflow protection and air temperature steam

The carburetor pressurization measures ensure safe and stable use while increasing the utilization rate of carbon dioxide in the tank. The external storage tank can be regarded as the gas source part, and the large volume is convenient for multiple use, and it also reduces the gas purchase cost.

CO2 internal storage tank:

It is connected to an external storage tank, but is controlled by valves and pipes, and is used to store high-pressure carbon dioxide fluid. After carbon dioxide is recovered, it is stored here. The tank has a volume of 2000L, a pressure of 10MPa, and is made of 304 stainless steel. It is equipped with a thermal insulation layer to prevent dewdrops from gathering in the air.

refrigerating system:

The cooling capacity is 21000 kcal/h, standard closed cooling tower,The temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water is 4-10℃, and the softened water circulates.

Air-cooled closed structure, effectively preventing pollution, all externalPipe insulation treatment to avoid temperature loss.

After the demand of the external storage tank liquid carbon dioxide DC supply system,After the gas carbon dioxide of the separation cycle is liquefied by refrigeration,Pressure injection pump into the system.

Power source part (power source part includes CO2 pump, co-solvent pump, co-solvent container, one-way valve, etc.)

Carbon dioxide injection pump:

As the main component of the system for high-pressure injection, the CO2 high-pressure metering pump is mainly composed of a motor, a frequency conversion speed control system, a speed change mechanism, a safety valve and a hydraulic cylinder block. The motor power is driven by the cam to reciprocate the bow frame and the sliding rod through the speed change mechanism. The plunger is installed at the top of the sliding rod, and the plunger is linked to reciprocate. Through the function of the one-way valve, the suction and discharge process is completed. The displacement is controlled by frequency and speed control to control the flow rate. The pump head is equipped with a cooling system, the plunger is made of special wear-resistant materials, and three plungers are used to reduce fluid fluctuations.

Main technical indicators; working pressure: 20MPa,

Maximum displacement: 169L/min, three plungers

Co-solvent pump (carrying agent pump):

Carrier agent can be injected selectively

The carrier agent pump is linked to the reciprocating plunger. Through the function of the one-way valve, the suction and discharge process is completed. The displacement is indicated by the adjustment meter, and the adjustment handwheel is rotated to change the reciprocating stroke to control the flow rate. Mechanical adjustment, the maximum flow rate is 18.9 L/min, the maximum working pressure is 20MPa. In actual use, this pump can be selectively turned on or off.

Co-solvent container:

The carrier agent addition tank has a volume of 200L, airtight and the top cover of the kettle is removable, 1 set, used to store the cleaning fluid carrier agent and clean the pipeline after the experiment.

Cleaning the kettle:

Kettle body

Supercritical CO2 cleaning machine
Supercritical CO2 circuit board cleaning machine

Working pressure ≤10MPa, working temperature room temperature -60℃, material 0Cr18Ni9Ti, the cleaning kettle is suitable for surface dosage rate of 10μSv/h for decontamination, the cleaning chamber is horizontal cylindrical, and the kettle body is externally equipped with a water heating jacket and insulation layer. Stainless steel decorative layer.

Inner diameter of cylinder: 1000mm

Design pressure: 15MPa

Working pressure: ≤10MPa

Design temperature: room temperature -60℃

Operating temperature: ≤45℃

Parallel rails are used for plate

Supercritical CO2 cleaning machine
Supercritical CO2 circuit board cleaning machine

Putting in and taking out, the kettle body is longer and designed forQuick-opening double-door structure, rail travel 1.5m, easy to operate.

The dotted line in the picture on the right is the radiation range of the nozzle, which realizes the plate cleaning without dead ends.

The following figure shows the distribution of supercritical carbon dioxide cleaning gas ports actually received by a single circuit board, and each circuit board is actually exposed to the actual radiation of 6 nozzles.

Supercritical CO2 cleaning machine
Supercritical CO2 circuit board cleaning machine

The width of the clamp of the circuit board slot is 5mm, which can be suitable for the insertion of the board with the thickness of the circuit board ≤5mm.

The kettle body has a horizontal structure and a long cylinder. In order to ensure the stability of the flow of each gas path nozzle, partitions are blocked on the lower side of the nozzle plate, and each plate block corresponds to an external large opening.

The diameter of the supercritical carbon dioxide inlet is the only buffer uniformizer under the flat rail, which prevents the gas path from being discharged through shortcuts and causing cleaning dead spots.

The fluid outlet above the kettle body is on the vertical surface of the baffle, and two baffles correspond to one outlet, which promotes the formation of a short siphon vortex and improves efficiency. The schematic diagram of partition distribution is shown in the right figure.The sealing of the cleaning kettle adopts imported special structure and special sealing materials, and the hydraulic supply is quick-opening. Equipped with water jacket heating circulation system.


2 sets, volume 60L×2, mainly used to separate the mixture of gas and liquid, the material of the separator is adopted. The working temperature is room temperature -60℃, the maximum working pressure of the separator is 10MPa, the inlet is connected with a cannula close to the bottom, the kettle body is externally equipped with a water heating jacket and insulation layer, and the maximum separation temperature can reach 60℃. The inner wall is processed by a special grinding process to form a smooth inner plane, which can effectively improve the retention of inner wall materials.

Back pressure control valve:

The back pressure valve is mainly used to control the pressure of the cleaning kettle, the maximum working pressure is 40MPa, the quantity is 1 set, the material is 1Cr18Ni9Ti, and the dynamic control is accurate.

High pressure valve pipeline:

Withstand pressure of 50MPa, take over DW6-14. Valves, pipe fittings and pipelines that contact fluids are made of material: 0Cr18Ni9Ti. The rest uses 0Cr18Ni9Ti material. The stem of the valve has been specially heat-treated and is durable.

Metal tube mass flow meter:

The metal tube mass flowmeter has a maximum range of 2400L/h, with a secondary meter, which can display instantaneous flow and cumulative flow. It is mainly used to measure the CO2 flow rate, with a pressure resistance of 10MPa.

Heating system:

The control range is adjustable from room temperature to 100°C (water bath), dynamic temperature control accuracy ±1°C digital display dual screen, automatic temperature control PID automatic self-tuning function, pipeline specification Φ8 coil, system includes hot box and thermal circulation pump, among which The maximum working pressure of the heat pipe is 50MPa. The thermal circulation pump adopts a corrosion-resistant and temperature-resistant pipeline pump, which has the characteristics of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, durability, and low noise.


The main and auxiliary pump fluids converge and mix at the same time as a buffer. The maximum working pressure is 50MPa and the volume is 1000mL. Material 1Cr18Ni9Ti.


The design pressure is 50MPa, the volume is 1000mL, and it is easy to replace. It is equipped with a 10μm and 20μm filter element each with silica gel or other materials used for filtering to play a filtering role. Material 1Cr18Ni9Ti.

Pressure and temperature control system:

Pressure control system

The pressure of the cleaning kettle and the separator are separately controlled by manual regulating valves, and each kettle body and pump outlet has pressure feedback.

Temperature control system:

PID temperature control is divided into two parts: cooling and heating. Refrigeration is to provide cooling water for condensers, storage tanks, and CO2 high-pressure pumps. The heating adopts electric heating, which is separately placed in the preheating tank of each kettle body to preheat the coil. The hot water in the preheating tank can be transported to the water jacket of the corresponding kettle body by the corresponding water pump to heat the kettle body . When the set temperature is lower than the actual temperature, cooling water will enter the preheating water tank and automatically control to the set temperature.

Security system

Electric contact pressure gauge: installed at the outlet of the high-pressure pump, the upper limit of the pressure can be set by the user, when the actual pressure reaches the set pressure, the high-pressure pump will stop working.

Safety valve: It is installed in each kettle body and cannot be adjusted. It is the upper limit of the working pressure of each kettle body. When the actual pressure exceeds the upper limit pressure, the safety valve opens and overflows, and the safety valve closes after the pressure drops.

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