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Supercritical co2 fluid foaming system

Supercritical foaming equipment

Supercritical CO2 fluid foaming principle

The foaming principle of supercritical CO2 fluid is an emerging physical foaming technology. During the preparation process, the supercritical fluid medium is first injected into a special device to make the medium and the molten raw material fully mix/diffuse to form a single-phase mixed sol, and then by changing the pressure, the medium is precipitated to form a large number of bubble nuclei. In the subsequent cooling and forming process, the bubble core inside the sol is continuously grown and formed by adjusting and controlling the parameters, and finally a qualified microcellular foamed product is obtained.

supercritical co2 foaming system
supercritical co2 foaming system

The characteristics of supercritical CO2 fluid foaming principle and technology

Because the viscosity of supercritical fluid is close to that of gas, and its diffusion capacity is 100 times larger than that of liquid, and it has excellent dispersibility, diffusibility, solubility and phaseless interface, it is compared with traditional foaming process. The foamed cells are more delicate, the distribution is more uniform and the particle size is controllable, which can make the product have better thermal stability, toughness and sound insulation performance, as well as lower thermal conductivity and thermal conductivity. In the production process, due to the simple process links, easy adjustment of parameters and more precise control, most of the supercritical fluid media used are inert, environmentally friendly, no flammable and explosive hazards, no three wastes, no residues in the product, so supercritical Fluid foaming technology has broad application scenarios.