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Supercritical CO2 cleaning system

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Supercritical CO2 cleaning system
Supercritical CO2 cleaning system


Huaan Supercritical CO2 Extraction Systems, as China's most professional manufacturer of supercritical fluid technology small-scale scientific research and equipment design and manufacturing, we have a solid theoretical foundation, rich scientific knowledge and 31 years of practical experience in scale-up of equipment. Different needs require tailor-made supercritical CO2 fluid cleaning devices with the best cost performance.

Each device is designed and designed according to the process route and operating parameters of different cleaning materials. The specific configuration and process plan will be adjusted according to the different needs of customers to achieve the best cost performance of the device.

The supercritical cleaning equipment mainly uses the supercritical CO2 extraction principle to realize the cleaning of semiconductor silicon wafers.

Process aspects:

It can meet the intermittent working conditions of supercritical carbon dioxide (Tc≥31.06 ℃, Pc≥7.39MPa), and the carbon dioxide can be recycled.

A mixer is designed in front of the cleaner, so that CO2 can be fully premixed with the entrainer before entering the cleaner.

A quick opening observation hole is designed on the cover of the washer for easy observation.

On the pipeline after the washer, the separation of gas, liquid and slag is realized through the first- and second-stage filtration and separation devices, ensuring that the system pipeline is unblocked and not blocked.

The primary and secondary separation devices are designed with water jackets and external insulation devices. Two sets of constant temperature water baths and low-temperature cooling liquids are used to control the temperature of the primary and secondary separators, and ensure the final output. CO2 is recovered in a gaseous state and reused.

The washer is equipped with an independent internal heating device and a low-temperature cold water circulation system. The temperature can be adjusted within the range of -15 ° C to 200 ° C.

Control System:

The pressure and temperature of key monitoring points such as the washer, primary separation device and secondary separation device are designed with pressure sensors and temperature probes, and digital secondary instruments with communication ports, which can be networked with the computer and real-time by the computer. Monitor and record.

The carbon dioxide pump and entrainer pump have a built-in flow display function, which can be networked with a computer to collect and control the flow of CO2 and entrainer in real time, which can realize real-time monitoring by computer.

A manual back pressure valve is designed behind the washer, which can accurately control the pressure of the washer.

Safety protection:

Safety valves are designed on the washer, primary and secondary separators.

The exhaust gas of carbon dioxide is designed with a sink exhaust, which can be uniformly discharged to the outside to control, which indoors the indoor air and reduces the noise of indoor air release.

Technical parameters:

Maximum working pressure of the device: 15Mpa;

Device working temperature range: -15—200 ℃

Maximum flow of CO2 pump: 60mL / min, maximum pressure 15Mpa

Maximum flow rate of entrainer pump: 20mL / min, maximum pressure 15Mpa

Window window: φ30mm.

pressure test range of 16MPa, pressure sensor accuracy of 0.25;

equipment and control systems need to be reliably grounded, the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms.

total power: 10KW

Supercritical CO2 cleaning equipment
Supercritical CO2 cleaning equipment

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