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Supercritical CO2 Extraction Equipment

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Huaan Supercritical fluid extraction equipment can be divided into three major categories.

Lab scale
Pilot scale
Industrial scale

Fractionation (distillation) column: The production of supercritical fluid fractionation (distillation) column is a technology that Huaan is proud of. We have unique packing and fractionation (distillation) technology. Huaan HA series extraction machines can be equipped with fractionation (distillation) columns of corresponding capacity.

Laboratory scale:

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Popular model:HA220-50-6C

Lab scale are relatively small equipment in supercritical fluid extraction systems (SFE).

Extraction: Generally consists of one or two extraction kettles. The extraction capacity ranges from 0.5L to 6L; the extraction pressure is 50MPa, which can meet the extraction requirements of different materials (extraction pressure of 70MPa can be produced under special circumstances. If necessary, please indicate the special pressure requirements in the mail. Of course High pressure represents expensive money, but does not represent high efficiency, because most plants in nature have extraction pressures less than 40MPa.).

Separation: The standard model is 2 separation kettles, which are suitable for separating extracted substances at different pressures and temperatures. We can also prepare 3 separation kettles for you to meet the separation requirements of more extracts.

Pilot scale:

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Usually after lab-scale extraction tests, generally scale-up tests are used to find the best extraction process (pressure, time, temperature), then we will need large-capacity extraction equipment; meanwhile, the pilot scale is also suitable for small production capacity For enterprise applications, their configuration is very flexible, and can even take into account the laboratory scale, such as HA220-40-11, which consists of 10L and 1L extraction kettles to form an extraction system, which can be used for small-scale experiments or 10L mass production Produce high-value essential oils.

Extraction kettle: Maximum working pressure: 40MPa. The volume is 10-100L, and the design of two extraction kettles is normally used, so that the excess CO2 in the extraction kettle can be transferred to another kettle after each extraction, thereby greatly saving the use of CO2.

Separating kettle: Maximum working pressure: 20MPa (the extract is separated from the CO2 fluid, requiring relatively low pressure, usually below 20MPa.). Two kettle bodies are designed to meet different requirements. It is also possible to order a third kettle and distillation column.

The most popular product model in the pilot-scale: HA220-40-20

The model we recommend is: HA221-40-48, equipped with rectification columns, they are used in many factories to extract pigments and oils (such as chili oil and chili red in Thailand) at the same time, and they are also in Yunnan, China. Some small and medium-sized factories are used for the extraction of CBD Oil (special distillation process. At the end of the extraction process, we filter a lot of wax and chlorophyll to obtain golden hemp extract. In the later winterization and molecular distillation process Save labor and equipment costs).

Industrial scale:

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We classify equipment with a total extraction volume greater than 100L as industrial production equipment.

We have produced a 1500L*3 supercritical CO2 extraction machine, which is used for the extraction of chili oil and pigments. Now (2020.07.25) a 200L*4 SCFE in our factory has been completed, and it will be sent to Thailand for CBD oil extraction. This is the fourth machine ordered by the same company from us.

When CBD oil extraction was popular in the world, we produced the first 300L (50L*6) HA620-40-300C CO2 extraction machine at the request of customers. So far, it has sold nearly 200 units worldwide. This is the current CBD oil extraction The most successful model in history.

The 300L extraction machine is the most economical extraction machine in history, with stable performance, simple operation, short extraction time and low price.

Now our 300L machine has two versions of 6 extraction kettles and 2 extraction kettles, and has expanded the version with four extraction kettles of 150L*4.They can work together. There are fourteen 50L*6 machines working together in a factory in Colorado, USA.

Recommended model: 120L(30L*4) HA420-40-120, 300L(50*6 OR 150*2) HA620-40-300 HA220-40-300, 600L(150L*4) HA420-40-600

Fractionation ( Distillation ) column & process technology [SFF]:

We have unparalleled supercritical CO2 fluid fractionation (distillation) [SFF] column production technology and decades of accumulated distillation process technology.

Especially in hemp extraction and plant pigment extraction, we provide many customers with better choices.

Capsicum red and chili oil
Capsicum red and chili oil

 Pilot equipment HA221-40-48 & An extraction process

One is research and analysis ( Laboratory SFE Systems ), which is mainly used for the analysis of a small amount of substances or production data. Secondly ( Pilot scale SEF systems ), the laboratory data was transferred through medium-sized equipment to expand the experiment and explore the best process conditions suitable for industrial production, so as to achieve small batch sample production. The third is industrial scale production (industrial CO2 Extraction Machine), mainly used for large-scale industrial production.

Conventional Models:

TypeSpecificationPressureCombined type
HA120-50-(0.1-0.5)0.1-0.5L32MPa-50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Two separation kettle
HA120-50-011L50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Two separation kettle
HA120-50-011L50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Two separation kettle
HA121-50-011L50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Two separation kettle-Two column
HA120-50-022L50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Two separation kettle
HA121-50-012L50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Two separation kettle-Two column
HA230-50-065L+1L40-50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Three separation kettle
HA231-50-065L+1L40-50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Three separation kettle-Two column
HA120-50-1010L40-50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Two separation kettle
HA220-50-2010L+10L40-50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Two separation kettle
HA230-50-4824L+24L40-50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Three separation kettle
HA330-50-7224L*340-50MpaThree extraction kettle-Three separation kettle
HA220-50-10050L*240-50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Two separation kettle
HA330-50-15050L*340-50MpaThree extraction kettle-Three separation kettle
HA430-50-20050L*440-50MpaFour extraction kettle-Three separation kettle
HA230-50-200100L*240-50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Three separation kettle
HA220-50-300150L*240-50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Two separation kettle
HA330-50-300100L*340-50MpaThree extraction kettle-Three separation kettle
HA330-50-600200L*335-50MpaThree extraction kettle-Three separation kettle
HA330-50-900300L*335-50MpaThree extraction kettle-Three separation kettle
HA330-50-1500500L*335-50MpaThree extraction kettle-Three separation kettle
HA330-50-30001000L*335-50MpaThree extraction kettle-Three separation kettle
HA330-50-45001500L*335-50MpaThree extraction kettle-Three separation kettle

We can configure the corresponding volume pressure tempe rature and the rectification column of the equipment according to the produc lion process of the customer.

Our technical team has developed a special technology and rectification process for CBD Oil extraction, capable of separating 40-50% wax and impurities in the extract.Improve efficiency and reduce subsequent processing equipment investment and labor costs.

HUAAN offers a full suite of solutions to compliment our CO2 systems.

We have partnered with the best manufacturers, provide a complete solution for CBD Oil to help our customers succeed.

Drying & Crushing

Winterization (Ultra-Cold Freezers & Filtration Systems)

Decarboxylation (Dried flower and isolate)

Rotary Evaporation (Solvent Recovery)

Distillation (Purification)


Supercritical CO2 fluid extraction ( SCFE ) is a high-tech that emerged in modern chemical separation. SCFE combines traditional distillation and organic solvent extraction, and utilizes the excellent solvent power of supercritical CO2 to effectively separate, extract and purify the matrix and extract.

Huaan Supercritical CO2 Extraction System
Nantong Huaan Supercritical CO2 Extraction System Co., Ltd


Huaan has more than 31 years experience of supercritical fluid technology design andequipment manufacturing and it is the high tech company which is committed to the supercritical fluid technology development and supercritical CO2 fluid extraction equipment manufacturing. 

ASME & GMP Code Compliant Vessels and Components

Can Be Designed To Either US (UL) or EU (CE) Standards

Wide Pressure & Temperature Range (35-70Mpa /30- 120°C)

Base Package Vessel Capacity of 0.5 Liter, expandable to 3 x 3000 Liter


Pharmaceutical industry: it can be used for the extraction of active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines, the purification of thermosensitive biological products, and the separation of lipid mixtures.

Food industry: the extraction of hops, the extraction of pigments, etc. More. In the perfumery industry, refinement of natural and synthetic fragrances;

Spice industry: refining of natural and synthetic spices;

Chemical industry: Separation of mixtures, etc.

Cosmetic Industry: Essential Oils, etc.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction Methods for Plant Essential Oils And Bioactive Substances

HUAAN supercritical co2 extraction systems is suitable for a wide range of natural plant extracts

We have perfected some unique functions of supercritical co2 extraction equipment according to the requirements of plant extraction process, and can provide you with proud plant extraction,it can Ability to isolate terpenes controlling desired levels of oils and wax in the extract under pressure.

For example, 40-50% of waxes and impurities are separated from hemp extracts, this is a capability that no other company has.

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