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Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO)

Supercritical water oxidation of wastewater & sewage sludge & equipment & machine & systems

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Supercritical water oxidation
Supercritical water oxidation (SCWO)

Supercritical water refers to a dense fluid whose temperature and pressure are higher than its critical point. When the temperature is higher than the critical temperature of water of 374.3 ° C and the pressure is greater than the critical pressure of water of 22.1 MPa, the properties of water change greatly.

Hydrogen bonds in supercritical water are almost absent, and have a very low dielectric constant and good diffusion transfer properties.

Nowadays, many toxic wastes, biological pollution and the treatment of organic wastewater cannot be effective using traditional techniques.

Supercritical fluids have attracted the attention of scholars from various countries because of their special properties. Some countries have developed a supercritical water oxidation reaction device for wastewater treatment, and some have realized industrialization.

At present, most of China is in the laboratory research stage. The SCWO experimental device produced by our company is a set of high temperature and high pressure reaction devices developed for laboratory research on supercritical water oxidation reaction.

In 2019, our company designed and produced a supercritical water oxidation continuous treatment system for chemical experimental wastewater (car-mounted pilot plant) for Nanjing University of Technology, China。

Maximum design temperature of the main reactor was 600 °C, the maximum operating temperature was 550 °C;

Highest design pressure was 32 MPa. The maximum working pressure is less than 32MPa.

Treatment wastewater range: COD ≤ 80000 mg / L, can be adapted to the treatment of various laboratory wastewater.

Processing capacity (design scale) The effective volume of the heater is about 25L, the main reactor volume is 6L (reaction time is about 550S), and the treated wastewater volume is 1t/d (24 hours).

The effluent technical index COD≤60 mg/L, temperature <50°C.

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Introduction to the experimental process:

Introduction to the experimental process (SCWO)
Introduction to the experimental process (SCWO)

Design Parameters

(1) Design pressure 32MPa, working pressure ≤ 32MPa

(2) The design temperature is 500 °C, the working temperature is ≤400 °C, and the actual working is about 200 °C.

(3) Shell volume 29L, size Ф 260 × 35 × 1100mm (design wall thickness by design institute according to material properties)

(4) Pipeline Ф12.7×1.24×40m, material HC-276 inlet pipe (U-tube type), including welded pipe plate and head material is HC-276.

(5) Material: 316L. Seamless tubes, blanks for 100% PT non-destructive testing.

(6) Design life is 10 years. (Theoretically, the corrosion amount of this material is 0.189mm/year)

(7) Design maximum running time: 30 days.

(8) The water purification process, the sewage takes the shell.

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