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Study on Extraction with Supercritical CO2 Fluid from Rhizoma Homalomena and Its Inclusion Process

ABSTRACT:OBJECTIVE To study the optimum parameters of the supercritical CO2 fluid extraction of Rhizoma Homalomena and its inclusion, and to determine the chemical constituents. METHODS he experiment was performed with uniform design. The factors were extractive pressure,temperature,extractive time and the flow rate of CO2. By orthogonal design with the extracts of inclusion, the inclusion yield,the oil in inclusion complex and the utilization ratio of oil,as index the four effect factors, including the proportion of oil to β-cyclodextrin, milling time, water addition and ethanol addition were evaluated. The pharmacodynamics was studied. RESULTS The optimum condition were obtained: the extractive pressure was 20 MPa, the temperature of extractive was 60 ℃,the extractive time was 30 min. The ratio of oil to β-cyclodextrin was 1∶4, the milling time was 30 min. Two volumes of water was added, ethanol was 20%. Extracts from the inclusion showed significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The main chemical constituents was Linalool. CONCLUSION The method applied to obtain the extractive matters from Rhizoma Homalomena was quickly and efficiently with satisfactory results. The inclusion process is stability and feasible.

KEY WORDS:Rhizoma Homalomena;SFE- CO2;orthogonal design; GC-MS

Study on Extraction with Supercritical CO2 Fluid from Rhizoma Homalomena and Its Inclusion Process

FU Bao-hui1,XU Yun-hui1,LI Xin-peng1,PU Cun-hai2*(1. College of Pharmacy,Yanbian University,Yanji 133000, China;2. Nanjing Zhongshan Pharmaceutical Factory,Nanjing 210012,China)

GC-MS analysis results show that a total of 132 chemical components have been separated, which are more than those separated in various literatures. Among them, 52 have a coincidence degree above 80, mainly sesquiterpenes and terpene alcohols. , The content of linalool is high, accounting for 10.013% of the total volatile components, which is consistent with the results reported in the literature [2,4-5], but its content in this experiment is slightly lower than the content of linalool in the literature. On the one hand, the composition of the separated components may be different due to the different experimental chromatographic conditions and sample pretreatment process; on the other hand, it may be due to the needs of the prescription to alleviate the "dryness" of the medicinal materials and reduce the gastrointestinal After irritation, some components of the volatile oil of medicinal materials are reduced after processing, and literature [6] reported that the content of Millennium Jianyin tablets is significantly lower than that of medicinal materials; it may also be caused by the different origins of Millennium Jian medicinal materials.

The supercritical extraction of the Millennium Jian extract mainly contains sesquiterpenes, terpene alcohols and other substances, which have a peculiar smell. In this experiment, the stability of the Millennium Jian extract can be increased through β-cyclodextrin inclusion. , Mask the bad smell, and powder the liquid medicine to make it easy to prepare.

Pharmacodynamic experiments show that the supercritical extract of Millennium Jian β-cyclodextrin inclusion compound has significant effects in anti-inflammatory and analgesic aspects. The original process did not carry out the extraction of volatile oil. This experiment provides a certain experimental basis for the secondary development of Xuanqitongbi capsules.

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