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Supercritical reaction and vitamin industry


Supercritical reaction technology is a new technology with a wide application in the development of the chemical industry, with unparalleled advantages than traditional reactive technologies, in line with the "energy saving", "low carbon economy" and "sustainable development" economic model. Therefore, development of industrial production of supercritical reaction technology on the basis of study of supercritical basic theory has great theoretical and practical significance for the entire chemical industry and technological progress.

The key intermediate in vitamin industry chain has the lower selectivity, the high energy consumption, the larger pollution and other problems. Through cooperation with Chen Zhirong and Li Haoran Research Group of Zhejiang University, Zhejiang NHU Co., Ltd. try to use supercritical reaction technology instead of the original process. First, the supercritical reaction small pilot study is proceeded to resolve the experimental conditions of supercritical reaction, which have been verified by the reaction mechanism and the feasibility. Secondly, through the analysis of the characteristics and applicability of supercritical reaction improve processes and conditions controlling techniques, to meet the requirements of production in the production cost, safety and environmental protection, and further adjustments in the test and industrialization.

After nearly a decade of efforts, through the basic research for application of supercritical reaction technology and technology and equipment improvements, Zhejiang NHU Co., Ltd. successfully completed the synthesis of three key intermediates of isophorone, isopentenol and ketone alcohol with small scale and pilot in the vitamin industry chain, and successfully realized industrial production is currently domestic very few industrial enterprises can successfully achieve supercritical reaction technology, which isophorone and isopentenol products have reached the scale of ten thousand tons, while ketone alcohol also reached more than the size of 3,000 tons. From the point of actual production conditions, supercritical reaction technique as a new reaction technology to improve the existing vitamins processes, also can replace large pollution, high costs of reaction steps in the existing routes, thus making the whole production line of vitamins more rational, more competitive on the market.

In order to further enhance the reaction mechanism, kinetics and application of new technologies supercritical reaction, Zhejiang NHU Co. Ltd. set up a supercritical reaction Technology Engineering Laboratory and local joint national engineering centers (Zhejiang Province) on the basis of supercritical reaction technology to achieve industrialization products. And strengthened cooperation with experts in the field of supercritical reaction, including Han Buxing Research Group of Institute of Chemistry and Chen Zhirong, Li Haoran Research Group of Zhejiang University and Pan Zhiyan Research Group of Zhejiang University of Technology has been set up. In the research of supercritical reaction technology and the field of industrialization, NHU joint the expert team in a leading domestic position, and being able to compete with international chemical company!

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