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CO2 extraction equipment parts

Supercritical fluid system parts

Huaan use high-quality Supercritical fluid system parts, which can be easily cleaned, maintained, maintained and replaced for Supercritical fluid extraction testing and production.


Different machine quality parts will SCFing different quality and service life.

For Supercritical extraction machine:

  • 1. CO2 pump
  • 2. Cooling system
  • 3. Container seal
  • 4. Pressure and temperature measurement system
  • 5. Pressure control system
  • 6. Control System

These are the most important parts that can be judged directly by machine quality.

It also affects the machine's production capacity and service time.

co2 pump

CO2 pump

SHP series high-pressure carbon dioxide injection pumps are low-speed reciprocating high-pressure pumps, using zirconia three-plunger structure, as the key equipment of Supercritical CO2 CBD extraction system, can be widely used in biological, pharmaceutical, food and other fields.

Has the characteristics of stable pressure, small volume, high efficiency, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, portable and flexible.

Cooling System

Cooling system

Cooling system integrates compressor, heat exchanger, cooler and circulating system. It has compact design, reduces occupied space, reduces energy loss, improves cooling efficiency and ensures stable liquid carbon dioxide supply. Environmental friendly refrigerant R407C is used.

The cooling capacity is 2 times that of the others,keeping the machine running normally.

kettle cover

Quick opening Kettle cover

The quick opening structure of clamp is adopted, and the cylinder is lifted toopen the kettle cover, which reduces the maneuverability of operators and personnel requirements, and facilitates loading and unloading of materials. It improves work efficiency.

energy storage sealing structure

Energy storage sealing structure

Extraction kettle adopts spring energy storage sealing structure, which is reliable, durable, easy to install, no plasticizer conforms to GMP standard, and can be reuse d for more than 3 months.

Spring energy storage seal is a kind of spring compression, forming an outward tension, which makes the sealing lip close to the sealing groove. Because the sprin g provides elastic force to the sealing lip permanently, it can compensate for the we ar of the sealing shell and the eccentricity of the matching parts, thus forming a se al from vacuum to low pressure. In addition, the system pressure will assist the spri ng energy storage, the greater the pressure, the more fully the sealing lip and groov e fit, thus forming a high-pressure seal.

measuring systemr

High precision measuring system

Selection of high precision sensors ensures the accuracy of measurement data and lays a foundation for the study of extraction process.

Setra high-precision pressure sensor imported is used to measure the internal pressure of the system. Direct communication protocol is used to transmit it to the control system to avoid the loss of accuracy of electrical conversion. The accuracy of pressure sensor is 0.1%.

PT100 temperature probe is used to set, control and measure temperature with temperature controller. With the self-tuning function of PID, the temperature inertia after reaching the target set value is overcome. Temperature display range: 100 C; Accuracy: 0.5% of the full range.

high precision pressure regulator

High precision pressure regulator

Pressure Manual Controller: The back pressure valve of TESCOM 26-1700 seriesis adopted. The valve has high pressure control precision and long service life.

Pressure Automatic Controller: Using ER5000 precise PID controller and high precision back pressure regulator of TESCOM Company, the pressure of extraction kettle and separation kettle can be automatically controlled according to the set pressure.

control system

Quick opening Kettle cover

The control system is composed of low voltage switch box, PLC control cabine t, control computer, cooling unit control cabinet, and so on. The low voltage switch box contains SCFeaker, contactor, thermorelay, transducer, PLC cabinet contains PLC module, intermediate relay, DC24V power supply, the following is PLC control picture.

When the system works, the cooling water pumps of refrigeration unit, condenser and CO2 intermediate storage tank are started at the same time, and the temperature of the condenser and the carbon dioxide intermediate storage tank is controlled to be fully liquefied so that the carbon dioxide pump can work. The temperature of the condenser and the carbon dioxide intermediate storage tank is observed and recorded by the upper computer.

Keep the pressure at extraction requirement when at setting pressure by high pressure automatic adjust valve, at the same time, the pressure of separator will send to PLC by transducer, after transform to computer and record, keep separation pressure and achieve CO2 loop back.