plc controlled experimental supercritical fluid_extraction equipment

HA123-30-200-C CO2 column extraction column extraction machine

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Industrial supercritical co2 extraction systems

Maximum working pressure of fractionator:30MPa (design pressure: 35MPa);

Volume of fractionator: 50L×4 sections.

Working temperature: Room temperature ~80℃.

Maximum CO2 flow: 0-1000L/h adjustable.

Power supply: three phase 460V/60Hz, power about 86Kw.


Huaan has a unique CO2 column extraction column extraction machine innovation technology,Special rectification technology and process.Example for CBD Oil, capable of separating 40-50% wax and impurities in the extract.

CO2 column extraction column extraction machine
HA123-30-200-C CO2 column extraction column extraction machine

Supercritical extraction technology is the latest subject in modern chemical separation, and it is an advanced separation technology rising in the world. The so-called supercritical fluid refers to the fluid whose thermodynamic state is above the critical point (Pc, Tc). The critical point is the state point where the gas-liquid interface just disappears. The supercritical fluid has very unique physical and chemical properties, its density is close to the liquid, its viscosity is close to the gas, and its diffusion coefficient is large, its viscosity is small, and its dielectric constant is large, so that its separation effect is good Solvent. Supercritical extraction means that under high pressure and proper temperature, the solvent contacts with the extract in the extraction cylinder, the solute diffuses into the solvent, and then changes the operating conditions in the separator to separate the solute to achieve the purpose of separation.

Since CO2 medium is selected as supercritical extractant in supercritical unit, it has the following characteristics:

1、Wide operation range, easy to adjust.

2、It has good selectivity. It can extract the required components by controlling the pressure and temperature.

3、Operating temperature is low, and extraction is carried out near room temperature, which is particularly suitable for heat sensitive components. The possibility of oxygen oxidation and light reaction is excluded in the extraction process, and the extract can maintain its natural flavor.

4、From extraction to separation, the CO2 after extraction will not remain on the extract.

5、CO2 is nontoxic, tasteless, nonflammable, cheap and easy to obtain, and can be recycled.

6、The extraction speed is fast.

Operation Manual

Main components of the device:

1. CO2 cylinder: provided by the user, with purity of 99.5%, and food grade. 2.CO2 high-pressure FM pump: SHP65/28-1/35MPa, pump head with cooling, three plunger, ceramic plunger, plunger cooling, with water pump and water tank. With frequency converter, adjust output flow, frequency modulation range 12~26hz.

3. Raw material pump: 3TB100L/ 35MPa with frequency converter, regulating output flow.

4. Reflux pump: 2JX 10L/32Mpa, equipped with frequency converter, regulating output flow.

5. Fractionator: including sedimentation tank,50L×4 sections/30MPa, material 316L, see the attached figure for structure form, and stainless steel packing of Φ5×5 West Tower ring has been installed in Sections I, II and III of fractionator. Water jacket heating, according to the process conditions in the fractionator, other specifications of stainless steel packing can be selected.

6. Separation kettle: 20L/26MPa, 10L/26MPa, material: 316L, specification: Φ168×15, Φ140×15, quantity: 1 set, intubation to 2/3, ensure separation effect, water jacket heating.

7. Separation collector:2L/26MPa, material:316L, specification:Φ102 ×12, quantity: 1 set, water jacket heating.

8. Thermostatic water bath and heat exchanger: 6 sets in quantity, including 3 sets of heat exchange coil, 316L tube, Φ14×2. AB25 engineering plastic pump respectively supplies heat to fractionator Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ, settling tank, separation kettle Ⅰ,Ⅱ and raw material tank. Heating temperature of separation collector: room temperature ~80 ℃, adjustable.

9. Raw material tank: 30L, material: 316L, water jacket heating, 1 set.

10. Refrigeration system: air-cooled refrigeration unit, cooling capacity 65KW, CO2 liquefaction, working condition 4-7℃, automatic start and stop. Equipped with CO2 condensation coil and CO2 storage tank.

11. CO2 flowmeter: metal rotameter, measuring range: 120-1200L/ h, digital remote transmission, instantaneous flow + cumulative flow.

12. Pressure control and measurement system: it is composed of pressure sensor and digital display meter. The outlet of CO2 pump and raw material pump are provided with overpressure control function. The highest overpressure is set to stop pump protection. The other tanks, fractionating tower, separation kettle I and separation kettle II are pressure measurement functions.

13. Temperature control and measurement: a constant temperature water bath heater is designed, which is respectively: settling tank, fractionator Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ, and separation kettle Ⅰ、Ⅱ to automatically control the hot water temperature. Measure the fluid temperature of CO2 at the outlet of fractionator and the outlet of I and II.

14. Touch screen PLC control and acquisition system:

(1) automatically control the output flow of CO2 pump, feed pump and reflux pump, and collect and record.

(2) automatically control the heating temperature of fractionator, settling tank and separation kettle I and II, and collect and record.

(3) automatic control: the outlet pressure of the fractionator and the outlet pressure of the separation kettle I are collected and recorded.

(4) display and record the outlet pressure of storage tank, CO2 pump, feed pump, fractionator and separation kettle I and II.

(5) display acquisition record, CO2 flow.

(6) man machine dialogue menu type, table data, U disk export printing.

15. Valves, pipe fittings and pipelines

(1) two sets of automatic back pressure valves to control the outlet pressure of fractionator and the pressure of separation kettle I, Emerson, 316L.

(2) high pressure valve and pipe fitting pipeline: DW6, DW14, pressure: 35MPa, pipeline: Φ6×1, Φ14×2, material: contact material: 316L, others: 304.

Supercritical co2 extraction equipment

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