plc controlled experimental supercritical fluid_extraction equipment

HA220-35-300 Supercritical co2 extraction equipment

Supercritical co2 extraction machine, system, for essential oil

Industrial supercritical co2 extraction systems

Extraction kettle:Material: 0Cr18Ni9 ( 304 stainless steel );

Volume: 150L 2 sets;

Maximum working pressure:40MPa.

Separation tank:Material: 0Cr18Ni9 ( 304 stainless steel );

Volume: 30L,20L 2sets;

Maximum working pressure: 20MPa.

PLC control system: Siemens

CO2 extraction machine

Feature :

It is an upgraded model of the world's best-selling model: HA620-40-300C.

Supercritical co2 extraction machine
150L*2 supercritical co2 extraction machine in assembly

The two extraction kettles work alternately, and the excess CO2 can be transferred to another kettle, saving working costs.

Simple operation, short extraction time and high efficiency.

(Taking hemp CBD Oil extraction as an example, it can process 500KG of dried hemp in 24 hours working time)


The basic model design pressure is 40MPa, the maximum design pressure can reach 70MPa.

Supercritical CO2 extraction equipment is refers to under certain pressure and temperature in the extractor the solvent and the extract contact fully then the solute spread to the solvent and then change the working conditions in the separator to dissolved substances precipitation achieve the purpose of separation.

Supercritical CO2 extraction systems are widely used in medicine, food, flavors, spices, such as the extraction of effective ingredients, fine separation.


Supercritical co2 extraction equipment
HA220-35-300 Supercritical co2 extraction equipment

No organic solvent, no pollution to the extract.

Low temperature operation,it does not destroy natural active ingredients.

Extract and CO2 are easy to separate.

No waste residue, waste gas, waste water.

Application :

Supercritical CO2 extraction machine

Supercritical CO2 extraction equipment has a wide range of applications,specific applications can be divided into the following aspects :

Extraction of biologically active molecules from medicinal plants, extraction and separation of alkaloids;

Vitamins, mainly vitamin E extraction;

In the food industry, extraction of hops, extraction of pigments, etc;

In the perfume industry, the refining of natural and synthetic fragrances;

It can even be applied to the cleaning of integrated circuit boards.

It can completely remove soldering aids without destroying electronic chips.

Separation of mixtures in the chemical industry.

Supercritical co2 extraction equipment
150L*2 supercritical co2 equipment machine in assembly


Main configuration















Extraction kettle

Material: 0Cr18Ni9 ( 304 stainless steel ). Volume:150L, 2sets;

Maximum working pressure:40MPa.

Opening device of extractionkettle(The opening structure of extractionkettleis clamp type, and the quick opening device is vertical rotating structure. The clamp is opened/closed manually, and the cap is lifted/closed automatically with self-locking.


Material barrel:Volume: 130L Material: 304 stainless steel, with sieve plate on top and bottom of barrel and

removable,number of 2 units;






Separation kettle

Equipped with water jacketed circulating heating system, temperature adjustable; Material: S30408 stainless steel, with jacket outer layer with insulation and decoration. Volume:30L, 20L;

Maximum working pressure: 30MPa.




CO2 high pressure pump

Three-plunger CO2 pump with maximum pressure of 40MPa, flow rate of 1000L/H, frequency converter, regulation of CO2 flow, safety valve at pump outlet, electric contact pressure gauge, cooling pump head, power of 15KW.




Entrainer pump


Pressure: 40MPa, flow rate 20L/H, mechanical regulation 1/2-1




Refrigeration system

Cooling capacity: 15000Kcal/h, air cooling or water cooling; Temperature control range: -5°C~+5°C to meet process requirements.

Supercritical co2 extraction equipment
HA320-35-150 Supercritical co2 extraction equipment

Supercritical co2 extraction equipment

Supercritical co2 extraction system
150L*2 supercritical co2 extraction system in assembly

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