plc controlled experimental supercritical fluid_extraction equipment

HA321-35-900 Supercritical co2 extraction equipment

Supercritical co2 extraction machine, system, for essential oil

Industrial supercritical co2 extraction systems

Extraction kettle:Material: 0Cr18Ni9;

Volume: 300L 3 set;

Maximum working pressure:35MPa.

Separation tank:Material: 0Cr18Ni9;

Volume: 150L 2sets;

Maximum working pressure: 20MPa.

CO2 extraction machine


Supercritical co2 extraction equipment
HA321-35-900 Supercritical co2 extraction equipment

The plant of 300L×3 is three extractors two separators SCFE device, the working medium is CO2, which can be reused. The total power of the equipment is 250KW, which covers an area of about 250 square meters and a net height of 8 meters.The extract, separate pressure and temperature can be automatic and remote controlled by computer. The extractors can work with the way of series, parallel and single. The series valves on the import and export of each extractor can be manual controlled, the highest working pressure control method of each extractor during working is by the use of pressure transmitter, safety valve and control signals. It is safety and reliable. The extractor cover of this plant uses hydraulic pressure quick opening structure. The metal contact with material of this plant, such as container inner surface, pipe, valve and so on. All of them are manufactured with stainless steel which has the characters of anti-sour and anti-alkali and satisfy food hygiene demand.

The max design pressure of this plant is 350bar, the highest working pressure is 320bar, We will strict carry out the related national standard and rule demand during design, manufacture, test, installation and commissioning.

The rubber and plastic foam material are used on all pressure vessels and pressure pipes to keep temperature, outside is thin stainless steel, which will make our device beauty.

Equipment composition

The equipment is composed of CO2 supply system, extraction and separation system, CO2 circulation system, clean system, co-solvent system, cold water circulation system, hot water circulation system, steel platform, control system, tail gas recovery system, and so on.

O2 supply system

Put liquid CO2 by delivery pump to condenser before or during operation. The CO2 supply system contains: outside CO2 delivery pump, outside tank.

The working description of extraction and separation

The liquid CO2 flow through pre-heater to heat after pump by CO2 high pressure pump, then flow to extractor, the outlet temperature will be controlled automatic.

Lift the cartridge to extractor by electric hoister, pure supercritical state CO2 will flow from the bottom of extractor, through cartridge and outlet at the top of extractor, the effective content will dissolve in the liquid CO2.

The extraction section has three extractors, they can be used in parallel or series way.

The liquid CO2 with effective content flow into separation unit, the separation has two steps.

The supercritical CO2 with effective content flows from extractor, through the first control valve and then to the stair separator. We can get effective content from the bottom of stair separator by pressure control.

Then the CO2 will flow to the secondary separator, where continue to separate effective content at the bottom of separator with the same way of stair separator.

The extraction and separation system are composed of CO2 high pressure valve, extraction heater, extractor(with quick-open structure), cartridge, separator1, heater of separator1, separator2 and heater of separator2.

CO2 circulation system description

The CO2 will back to middle storage tank after finish extraction, waiting the pressure balance between extractor and middle tank at 50bar, then put the left CO2 of extractor to the next extractor, the pressure will balance at 20bar between two extractors, then the 20bar CO2 will be recycled by CO2 recovery compressor.

CO2 without effective content flows to condenser, after cooling in the condenser, it flows to middle tank to deeply cooling.

CO2 circulation system is composed of CO2 middle storage tank, condenser.

Co-solvent system working description

Our device can pump the co-solvent to the extraction and separation system byco-solvent pump at any time according to customer’s process requirement.

The co-solvent system is composed of co-solvent tank and co-solvent pump.

Clean system working description

Pump the clean agent to pipes from clean tank when finish extraction working.

The clean system is composed of clean storage tank, clean pump

Cold water circulation system working description

Clean system working description

Pump tap water to purified water equipment, it flows to cold water tank after purifying. Pump cold purified water to refrigerator, the water will back to cold water tank after cooling. Allocating cold water of water tank to condenser, CO2 middle tank jacket by cold water pump, the system can adjust temperature by electric-control vlaves.

Cold water system is composed of cold water tank, pump, and cooling tower

Hot water circulation system working description

Put soften water to hot water tank, start hot water circulation pump and heated by electro-boiler(or heated by vapor), then distribute the hot water to extractor, separator, heat exchanger by the use of hot water circulation pump, this will ensure vessel temperature satisfy process demand, cut off hot water circulation system by electro-adjust valve when the medium temperature of some vessel lower than process temperature, stop hot this vessel. Start hot water circulation system by electro-adjust valve when the medium temperature of some vessel higher than process temperature. The temperature control point arranges at gas linking pipe.

The water circulation system is composed of water tank, water pump, electric-heater

Steel platform description

The steel platform is for device fix and operation

With carbon steel, and antirust paint, the plane and stair is stainless steel riffled plate.

Electricity hoister is used to lift cartridge.

Trolley is used to delivery cartridge

The steel platform is composed of rack, platform, electricity hoister, trolley.

Tail gas recovery system working description

When extraction finish, close CO2 high pressure pump, the CO2 of extractor and separator will flow back to middle tank, when pressure balance, let the CO2 of extractor to another extractor, and pump the residual CO2 by compressor when pressure balance between two extractors.

The tail gas recovery system is composed of gas butter tank, CO2 recovery compressor.

Control system description

The control system composition

The control system is composed of low voltage switch box, PLC control cabinet, extractor quick-open chain control cabinet, control computer, cooling unit control cabinet, and so on. The low voltage switch box contains breaker, contactor, thermorelay, transducer, PLC cabinet contains PLC module, intermediate relay, DC24V power supply, the following is PLC control picture.

Control system specification

Our supercritical device fully consider different factors at temperature, pressure, flow during working, so the operation becomes more easy, safety, directly looking.

The quality of extraction product is decided by pressure, temperature and flow during extraction, to different extraction product, the control parameters are different.

With good flow meter to control flow, which is not effected by density, temperature, flow rate, pressure, measure become safety and reliable.

With high pressure coupling to measure pipe temperature directly, reducing temperature lag effect. Add jacket of extractors and separators check point. By check the temperature of product and jacket to control extractor temperature.

Supercritical co2 extraction equipment
HA321-35-900 Supercritical co2 extraction equipment

Supercritical co2 extraction equipment

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