plc controlled experimental supercritical fluid_extraction equipment

HA420-40-100 Supercritical co2 extraction equipment

Supercritical co2 extraction machine, system, for essential oil

Pilot scale supercritical co2 extraction systems

Extraction kettle:Material: 0Cr18Ni9;

Volume: 25L 4 set;

Maximum working pressure:40MPa.

Separation tank:Material: 0Cr18Ni9;

Volume: 20L,10L 2sets;

Maximum working pressure: 30MPa.

CO2 extraction machine


Supercritical fluid extraction equipment
HA420-40-100 Supercritical co2 extraction equipment

HA420-40-100 Supercritical co2 extraction equipment usually be used for material extraction under the high pressure and suitable temperature, Changing conditions in the separator to parse out dissolved substances in order to achieve the purpose of separation. HA420-40-100 Supercritical co2 extraction machine is mainly composed of:Extraction kettle, Separate kettle, CO2 high-pressure pump, entrainer pump, cooling system, CO2 basin, exergy transfer system, purification system, flowmeter, temperature-controlled system, safety protection device and so on. Attached device and the system can meet the needs of the main system of supercritical extraction and flow chart of requirements

1) Convenient in operation. Can be used widely.

2) With an excellent optional function. Extracts can be gained optionally by controlling the pressure and temperature.

3) Low operation temperature. Can be extracted near to the room temperature, especially fit for the extracting of thermo-sensitive elements. The possibility of oxidation when contact with oxygen and reaction when meet rays are eliminated. The natural flavor of the extracts can be kept.

4) Extracting media and extracts can be separated easily. No leftover of CO2 on the extracts after extracting operation.

5) CO2 is a nontoxic, flavorless, noncombustible and cheap compound and can be recycle used.




Extraction kettle

Equipped with heated circulation water jacket, temperature is adjustable, equipped with material tank. Material: 0Cr18Ni9. Specification:25L/40MPa,4sets.


Separation kettle

Equipped with water jacketed circulating heating system, temperature adjustable.Material: 0Cr18Ni9.Specification:20L/25Mpa, 10L/25Mpa each set.


CO2 high pressure pump

Three plunger,max displacement is800L/40Mpa.h,1 set. Adjustable frequency conversion,pump head with cooling system.


Entrainer pump

Flow specification: 1/4-20L/40MPa.h, mechanical adjustment, 1 set.


Refrigeration system

Cooling capacity:22000Kcal/h, air cooling, water cooling.

Temperature control range: -5°C~+5°C to meet process requirements.


Heat exchange system

Material: 0Cr18Ni9.Specification:Φ14/40MPa、Φ18/30Mpa, 6 sets.

Equipped with water jacketed circulating heating system, temperature adjustable.


Purification system

Material: 0Cr18Ni9. 5L/16MPa.


CO2 storage tank

Material: 0Cr18Ni9.20L/16MPa, 2 sets.


CO2 level gauge

1200/16Mpa,1 set, showing CO2 tank level.


Flow meter

Metal tube float flowmeter, digital remote transmission. Digital display: display instantaneous and cumulative flow respectively.


Temperature Control System

Control range: adjustable from room temperature to 75 °C (water bath).

Dynamic temperature control accuracy: ±1 °C, digital display dual screen.


Safety protection device

1. High-pressure pump outlet distribution contact pressure gauge, set working pressure, over-pressure automatic stop pump protection.

2. The extraction kettle, the separation kettle and the storage tank are respectively equipped with safety valves and overpressure automatic pressure relief protection according to the highest working pressure.



Material:0Cr18Ni9.  2L/40Mpa for mixing of entrainer and CO2.



Valves、fittings: DW14 and DW18.

The container, valve, pipe fittings and pipelines that contact the fluid are made of 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel. The valve stem of the valve is specially heat-treated and durable.


Barrel lifting system

Equipped with electric hoist for loading and unloading of material cylinders.





Instrument features

1. The extraction kettle pressure ring opens quickly.

2. CO2 is recycled.

3. Pressure regulation of extraction kettle adopts imitated back pressure valve, stable pressure, easy to adjust.



1. Power supply: three-phase four-wire system 380V/50HZ, total power is55KW, normal operation is25KW.

2. CO2: food grade ≥ 99.5%,user-supplied.

3. Installation size: 6800×6000×4000m/m, plus operating space.


CO2 can be recycled, and be equipped with return circuit which saves gas, ensuring that the pressure of extraction kettle can be reduced under 4MPa after working, also making the Min. discharging amount. Adopt new methods of fluid distribution uniform fluid distribution, which makes CO2 fluid and solute uniform contact to speed up the dissolved, shorten extraction time, increase production

Each kettle has function of measuring and controlling temperature system, which can effectively control the temperature of the thermal inertia

Extraction cylinder adopts quick-opening structure which developed by our company. It opens very easily, sealing is reliable, and the repeatability is good when CO2 swelling. It can be use for a long time without having to replace the sealing ring, which effectively solved the difficult problem of o-rings event of CO2 expansion.

Pressure adjustment valve of each kettle is good at high precision, small volatility, well stability.

security system of double pressure protection

All the kettles are equipped with safe valve, implementing the overflow protection when overpressure ; In addition, the kettle is equipped with electric contact pressure table. It is good at protecting through artificially setting maximum pressure, carrying out overpressure stopping pump function.

The mixer is given priority to the auxiliary pump, mix them with electric contact pressure gauge, Pointers can use upper and lower limits of system pressure protection, overpressure activity pointer to pointer exposure limit, when the pump stop working

Extraction cylinder device has manual controlling system and automatic controlling system, making the manual and automatic dissolve into an organic whole. So that the controlling precision is greatly increased and it can reach 0.5%, the purity of the extracted components is higher

The extraction time is artificial for humanized design. When the equipment stops working, it can make a sound to warm the workers.

Function of device is complete, such as supercritical fluid extraction, supercritical fine particles preparation, determination of solubility of the solute

Device is running low noise, small vent noise, time is short

Supercritical co2 extraction equipment
HA420-40-100 Supercritical co2 extraction equipment

Supercritical co2 extraction equipment

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