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Pilot scale supercritical co2 extraction systems

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Pilot scale supercritical co2 extraction systems

In addition to the production of super-scale small test sfe equipment to provide small-scale trials and scientific research experiments, Huaan Supercritical CO2 Extraction Systems also produces pilot scale supercritical co2 extraction systems for customers to pass laboratory data through medium-sized equipment to expand experiments and explore the best process conditions for application and industrial production.

Huaan can flexibly configure one: 1L+10L (10L -100L)supercritical fluid extraction pilot system ( Equipment pictures ) , which enables feasibility study, process development, parameter amplification, and pilot production to be completed in the same unit without additional investment.


TypeSpecificationPressureCombined type
HA120-50-1010L40-50MpaOne extraction kettle-Two separation kettle
HA220-50-2010L+10L40-50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Two separation kettle
HA230-50-4824L+24L40-50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Three separation kettle
HA330-50-7224L*340-50MpaThree extraction kettle-Three separation kettle
HA220-50-10050L*240-50MpaTwo extraction kettle-Two separation kettle

We can configure the corresponding volume pressure tempe rature and the rectification column of the equipment according to the produc lion process of the customer.

Our technical team has developed a special technology and rectification process for CBD Oil extraction, capable of separating 40-50% wax and impurities in the extract.Improve efficiency and reduce subsequent processing equipment investment and labor costs.

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Different applications and different companies have very different requirements for the pilot level. The pilot is a step in the design of production equipment. Therefore, Huaan Supercritical emphasizes flexibility and flexibility when designing and developing pilot systems. Cost efficiency. The flexible design of Huaan's supercritical system makes the optimization of test and process parameters more convenient.

Huaan has customized thousands of pilot plants for many university laboratories and enterprises around the world.

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Flexible customization, combined capacity combination

Designed and configured according to the best working parameters and the actual needs of the customer;

According to the actual conditions of different materials, choose different quick opening structures and loading and unloading materials;

Quick-open design of the extraction kettle for safer and more convenient operationSafety devices of different principles are arranged side by side at the same point, making the whole system safe and reliable.

Digital measurement and automatic control of internal temperature and pressure of the extraction kettle

Continuous supercritical extraction of solid raw materials (with excellent extraction)

Electric, pulseless high precision CO2 pump

High performance cyclone separator

Recirculation of supercritical fluid

Energy saving, environmental protection, low noise

A variety of separation methods are available: users can design and manufacture secondary and tertiary high-pressure separation and collection systems and membrane separation systems for users to choose.

At the same time, it can also design and manufacture rectification columns for users to separate and rectify liquid products.

The layout and planning of the equipment can be carried out according to the actual situation of the customer;

Simple and intuitive software, friendly interface

High self-control level, stable and reliable product quality and experimental data, suitable for industrial scale design basis and small-scale production;

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Technical parameter:

Temperature: 20 -85 ° C

Pressure: 35-80MPa

Extraction capacity: 10L to 100L. Optional configuration: 10L (10L, 10L × 2, 10L × 3). 24L: (24L, 24L × 2, 24L × 3, 24L × 4). 50L (50L, 50L × 2, 50L × 3, 50L × 4)

Separate collection system: up to three high-pressure separation and collection systems, freely customizable capacity

Optional rectification column

All parameters can be customized according to customers...

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