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SFE110-32-1 Supercritical Drying of Aerogels Using CO2

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Supercritical Drying of Aerogels Using CO2
Supercritical Drying of Aerogels Using CO2


Due to the high specific surface area of ​​aerogel, its materials have broad application prospects in aerospace, catalysis, environmental protection, medical and other fields. Aerogel preparation and drying technology has become an emerging field of chemical engineering research. Since the supercritical fluid has both gas and liquid properties, there is no gas-liquid interface, so there is no surface tension. At this time, there is no additional pressure generated by the surface tension in the gel capillary hole. Therefore, by using the supercritical fluid to dry the gel, the gel structure collapse caused by the additional pressure is not generated, the shrinkage of the gel during the drying process is avoided, and the gel network frame structure is maintained. Ultrafine aerogel with high specific surface area, uniform particle size distribution and large pore volume.

The supercritical drying device is an aerogel preparation and supercritical fluid extraction device designed based on the above principle.

Our company has improved and upgraded on the basis of the actual application of the original supercritical aerogel drying device. The product has been upgraded and upgraded according to the research trend in this field, and a series of upgrades have been carried out on the two systems of dryer and pressure control, which further improved. The scope of application and the degree of automation.



1. Aerogels can be prepared using supercritical CO2.

2. Supercritical fluid extraction technology can be used to extract various active ingredients.

3. The device not only incorporates the method of preparing aerogel by supercritical CO2, but also incorporates supercritical fluid extraction technology to make the device multifunctional.

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Working pressure: 32MPa

  Maximum working temperature: room temperature -85 ° C

  Gel dryer volume: 1L

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