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Supercritical ethanol drying equipment

Supercritical Drying Machine

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Supercritical Drying Equipment
Supercritical Drying Equipment

Supercritical ethanol drying equipment is widely used in chemical, petroleum, polymer materials, gel drying, pharmaceutical and other industries to conduct reaction experiments on materials.

According to user requirements, the user can simulate the reaction of materials under different conditions, adjust the reaction environment, and obtain the best process conditions.

The supercritical ethanol drying device mainly uses ethanol as a desiccant. Under the supercritical state, the ethanol penetrates into the polymer material, and the water in the polymer material is taken out of the material by the volatilization of the ethanol, and the polymer material remains intact. Some components have the same structure.

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Technical parameters:


Reaction kettle: 1L~20L

     Working pressure: 30MPa

     Use temperature: ≤350 °C

     Use medium: ethanol

Supercritical Drying

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