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Partial oxidation of olefins in supercritical co2 fluid

Partial oxidation of olefins in supercritical carbon dioxide as an important reaction process has also been extensively studied. In the partial oxidation of olefins, the Waker reaction is more typical

The research by He et al. showed that in supercritical carbon dioxide reaction system, the PEG modified

The target product selectivity of catalytic oxidation reaction is much higher than that of traditional solvent reaction system, Birnbaum et al. catalyzed the oxidation of cyclohexene in supercritical carbon dioxide using iron porphyrin soluble in supercritical carbon dioxide.

When the cyclohexene oxidation reaction is carried out in supercritical carbon dioxide, there are few excessive oxidation by-products in the product, and the selectivity of cyclohexene oxide is high. Under the experimental conditions, due to the formation of homogeneous phase of cyclohexene and supercritical carbon dioxide, the generated free radicals can be quickly transferred in the solvent, making the reaction process with high conversion rate and high selectivity. Sahle et al. also used porphyrin catalysts to study the oxidation of cyclohexene. The reaction was carried out in a 500mL kettle reactor.The study found that low oxygen concentration, high temperature and shortened reaction time are conducive to improving the reaction conversion rate. Kokubo et al. Studied. Leitner et al. studied the catalytic oxidation of olefins in supercritical carbon dioxide. No other catalysts were added to this system, but the catalytic oxidation reaction of olefins using the wall alloy of the stainless steel reactor as the catalyst and the aldehyde as the co-oxidant. In this reaction system, whether it is a linear olefin or cyclic olefin oxidation reaction, compared with the traditional catalytic reaction system, the catalytic reaction rate and product selectivity are greatly improved. The effect of the reactants of the ring is particularly obvious.

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