Supercritical Making Nanoparticle System


The development of ultrafine particles, especially nano-sized particles, has become a hot field in the current high-tech, and is widely used in materials, chemicals, light industry, metallurgy, electronics, and biomedical fields.

The use of supercritical fluids to prepare fine particles enables the processing and preparation of particles, microspheres, microcapsules, porous materials, liposomes and other fine materials.

There are many methods for the preparation of ultrafine particles. As a high-tech, supercritical fluid deposition technology can more accurately control the crystallization process, can produce fine particles with a small average particle size, and can also control the distribution of particle size. Therefore, deposition from supercritical solutions is a promising new technology.

The most widely used supercritical fluid deposition technology is the following two methods: RESS (supercritical solution rapid expansion) method and GAS (gas antisolvent crystallization) method.