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Supercritical water oxidation systems

Supercritical water oxidation of wastewater & sewage sludge & equipment & machine

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Supercritical water oxidation systems
Supercritical water oxidation systems (SCWO)

Principle of supercritical water oxidation

Supercritical water oxidation is the use of the specific mass of supercritical water to oxidize organic pollutants in supercritical water at a temperature higher than the critical temperature of water (374.2 ° C) and the pressure above the critical pressure of water (22.05 MPa). break down.

The supercritical water oxidation reaction process has a fast reaction rate and complete oxidation, and the removal rate of most organic waste liquid, waste water and organic sludge can reach 99.9% or more in a short residence time.

Most of the high-concentration, refractory organic wastes can be directly treated with gases, liquids or solids after being treated by this technology. Generally, the wastewater can meet the requirements of water reuse after being treated by this technology.

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Main technical indicators and main functions

(1) The system is a continuous treatment system for supercritical water oxidation of chemical laboratory wastewater. (vehicle type pilot plant)

(2) The maximum design temperature of the main reactor is 600 °C, the maximum operating temperature is 550 °C; the highest design pressure is 32 MPa, and the maximum working pressure is 32 MPa or less.

(3) Treatment wastewater range: COD ≤ 80000 mg / L, can be adapted to the treatment of various laboratory wastewater.

(4) Processing capacity (design scale) The effective volume of the heater is about 25L, the main reactor volume is 6L (reaction time is about 550S), and the treated wastewater volume is 1t/d (24 hours).

(5) The effluent technical index COD ≤ 60 mg / L, temperature < 50 ° C.

3, the main components

The supercritical water oxidation reaction device includes: waste water initial mixing tank, clean water tank, wastewater high pressure plunger pump, liquid oxygen tank and pressurized metering system, first stage wastewater preheater (high pressure-high pressure heat exchanger), and secondary wastewater exchange Heaters (high pressure - high pressure heat exchangers), wastewater heaters, main reactors, sedimentation tanks, piping systems, control systems, etc.

4, design basis and implementation standards

HG20581 "Rules for the Selection of Steel Chemical Container Materials"

JB/T4756-2006 "Pressure Vessels Made of Nickel and Nickel Alloys"

JB/T4709 "Steel Pressure Vessel Welding Procedure"

JB/T4730.1-6 "Non-destructive testing of pressure vessels"

GB150 "Steel Pressure Vessel"

GB151 "Shell-and-tube heat exchanger"

HC20584 "Technical Requirements for Steel Chemical Container Manufacturing"

TSGR0004 "Safety Technical Supervision Regulations for Fixed Pressure Vessels"

GB50257 "Code for construction and acceptance of electrical installations for explosions and fire hazard installations of electrical installations".

5, design and manufacture, inspection

(1) Design: Select the design unit that is suitable for this device, and design the drawings and technical requirements.

(2) Manufacturing: Our company holds the qualification of special equipment manufacturing license "Pressure Vessel", grade D1, D2, variety range: the first type of pressure vessel, the number TS2232789-2020 meets the manufacturing conditions of this device.

(3) Welding of pressure body: Our company has four special equipments for pressure welding and welding welders. The welder project can cover the welding technical requirements of this equipment.

(4) Non-destructive testing: Our company's non-destructive testing of non-destructive testing institutions is commissioned by Class B, number ST7310053-2016, and the testing items can cover the testing requirements of this device. All pressure-bearing equipment shall be tested for 100% RT rays of Class AB welds according to design requirements, Class II qualified, and the remaining CDE welds shall be tested for 100% PT, Class I qualified, and a test report shall be issued.

(5) Hydraulic test

Supercritical water oxidation systems
Supercritical water oxidation systems applied in China oilfield

After the product is manufactured, the hydraulic pressure temperature test is carried out on various pressure vessels in strict accordance with Chinese standards and drawing design requirements. The chloride ion concentration in the water is strictly controlled <25mg/L during the test. The test is finished with nitrogen blow drying and corresponding Hydraulic test report.

Supercritical water oxidation

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