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Four major maintenance items for CO2 extraction machines

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Maintenance of a CO2 extraction machine is essential to ensure its proper functioning and longevity. Here are some important maintenance tasks:

CO2 pump maintenance

Before starting the machine, check the lubricating oil level of the pump. If it is insufficient, replenish it promptly.
Follow the operation manual strictly for the maintenance and care of the CO2 pump.

Fast opening device maintenance

Regularly inspect the working condition of each oil cylinder and add an appropriate amount of grease.
Check the sensitivity and reliability of the lifting and lowering limit switch, ensuring it functions correctly.
Ensure the support wheel is properly supporting the extraction kettle and make necessary adjustments.

Water cooling unit maintenance

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During machine operation, monitor the high and low-pressure meter display values of the water cooling unit, ensuring they are within the set range. Check the normal functioning of the lubrication system.
Regularly inspect the circulating pumps in the cold water system and cooling water circulation system, ensuring proper water flow.
Follow the operating instructions for the water cooling unit regarding usage, maintenance, and care.

Extraction system maintenance

  • Regularly inspect the instruments, gauges, and safety valves of the CO2 extraction machine. Check the accuracy and validity of measurements and ensure the safety valves are inspected by competent authorities as required.
  • Check manual valves for any leaks or external leakage.
  • Regularly inspect the tubular filter for any blockages.
  • Comply with relevant laws and regulations regarding pressure vessels. Arrange for periodic inspections of all vessels, including extraction kettle, separation kettle, condenser, CO2 storage tank, and tail gas storage tank, by the appropriate authorities.
  • Regularly check the overall working condition of the CO2 extraction machine, including trip switches, connection bolts, and the gland of the fast opening device. Address any issues promptly.
  • When the machine is not in use for an extended period, properly close the storage tank, open drain valves of other tanks and containers, reduce the pressure to “0,” clean and dry all containers and pipelines using compressed air. Empty the circulating water in each container jacket to prevent temperature-related issues.
  • Maintain a dry, clean, and well-ventilated environment around the CO2 extraction machine during operation.
  • Following these maintenance practices will help ensure the smooth operation and longevity of the CO2 extraction machine.