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supercritical co2 extractor

Supercritical co2 Extractor

60L Supercritical co2 Extraction Machine

Since 1989. Experts in High Quality & Safe CO2 Weed Extraction.
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About 60L CO2 Oil Extractor

The CO2 extraction machine in the picture is a special CO2 oil extractor, and all its parts that come into contact with the material are made of 316. Fully compliant with GMP standards, except that it is custom-made by a food company for the extraction of coffee essential oil and vanilla essential oil.

60L CO2 extraction machine parameter

Volume30 L, 2 setsVolumeⅠ 17 L, Ⅱ 15L
Max Working Pressure400barMax. working pressure Ⅰ Ⅱ 200bar
Outlet pressure400 barOutlet pressure400 bars
Max. flowrate400L/hMax. flowrate20L/h
Volume102 LParameters controlPLC / PC-based software with recipe for automation
Working pressure80 bar Screen/Datalogging15 inches/Included
Power/CO23 phase/Food grade ≥99.5%HS code:8479200000
Installation5500×3500×4500mmAirport /Port of Lading:Shanghai  
Max Working Pressure500-1050barBack pressure valvePneumatic control
Fractionating column300par 4-section gradient temperature control
Parameter of 60l co2 weed extraction machine

Features of CO2 extraction machine

  • Low temperature separation: A highly pure unaltered extract obtained, without solvent residues and without degradation of quality by high temperature or oxidation.
  • Non-toxic solvents: Such as Carbon Dioxide, leave no harmful residue in the extract.
  • Solubility variation: Solvent characteristics, such as: viscosity – coefficient of diffusion – dielectric constant – and density (capacity) of a gas in the supercritical state, can be varied by simply increasing or lowering extraction pressure and temperature.
  • Fractionated extraction and separation: Can process both solids in batch mode and fluids in continuous and batch mode.
  • Inexpensive solvents: Units can be adapted for various gases and for gas mixtures, or for the preparation of gases with co-solvent (e.g. acetone, alcohol, etc.). Recommended gas for extraction is CO2.

Advantages of CO2 extractor

  • Low energy process: Electricity is the only form of energy required because there is no solvent distillation and no steam purging of the residue.
  • Fast diffusion: Accomplished because of the low viscosity of CO2.
  • Chemically inert solvent: Oxygen is completely excluded from the process because of the closed system design.
  • No risk to the environment: By the use of the inexpensive extraction agent – CO2.
  • No explosion or fire hazards: High selectivity for the extraction of non-polar compounds.

Applications of supercritical co2 extractor

  • Production and transfer of flavours
  • Production of natural extracts
  • Production of active ingredients for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Extraction of undesired components from liquid and solid products
  • Higher efficiency of protein recovery from vegetable and animal materials
  • Recovery of mineral oils from rock, sand and slate
  • Separation of asphalt from tar
  • Blowing of tobacco and extraction of tobacco flavours
  • Regeneration of molecular sieves
  • Degreasing of catalysts
  • Production of essential oils from blossoms, leaves and roots
  • Non-alcoholic wine
  • Fractionated separation of products
  • Fractionated extraction
  • Extraction with entrainers
  • Extraction with different gases


CO2 Extraction Machine Buyer’s Guide

As you can imagine, not all supercritical CO2 extractors are made the same.
For more than 30 years, we have customized many CO2 extraction machines (Tabletop CO2 Extractor) for many companies and university laboratories (1 lb CO2 extractor). Because each customer’s CO2 extraction process requirements are different, there are almost no identical machines.

How many liters of CO2 extraction vessels are needed?

The first factor that determines the size of the CO2 extraction vessel is the daily working hours of the plant, which determines the daily extraction batch. The vessel size of the CO2 extractor depends on the biomass to be processed per day.

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How many separators are needed?

How can I custom my separator when I need more terpenes in my How can I custom my separators when need more terpenes in CBD oil extraction process?
Waxes separation and Light oil separation in 1st separator;
Light oil separation in 2nd separator;
To trap lightest and volatile compounds in 3rd separator.
It is important to choose the right vessel size that will meet your current needs as well as future demand.

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How many pressure is optimization for your CO2 extraction process requirements?

The choice of CO2 extraction pressure is a changing factor. If the extraction pressure is too high, the useless substances in the plant will be extracted, such as wax and chlorophyll. If the extraction pressure is too low, the extraction time will be increased.

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How can the minimum operating costs be achieved?

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Extraction parameters of CO2 extraction weed

Extraction parameters will determine not only the type, quality and yield of cannabis extract, but also the ease and cost of the extraction process.

Supercritical co2 extraction cannabis (weeds) typically choose starting parameters in the 45-60 deg C range and pressures ranging from 3000 to 5000 psi range and then run trials for their particular feed stock and desired final product.

Once have the desired extract for the specific feed stock, the experiment to find the appropriate flow rate to facilitate processing (as quick as possible without icing up, clogging lines, or causing channeling).

Finally, look at solvent-to-feed rates to balance out the completeness of the extraction (yield) versus the extraction time/solvent cost.


Although temperature can be controlled at many stages in the process, the primary concern is the temperature of the extraction vessel. From the initial chosen temperature,

Increasing the extraction temperature:

  • Decreases terpenoid concentration in the extract,
  • Risks possible denaturing of the product, and
  • Increases wax/resin extraction (thereby increasing extract quantity).

Decreasing the extraction temperature:

  • Increases the oil proportion of the extract, and
  • Reduces the wax proportion of the extract.
60l co2 extractor


The following are concerns regarding extraction pressure:

  • From the initial chosen extraction pressure, increasing pressure increases wax/resin concentration in extract
  • Pressure over 5000 psi at 45 deg C causes chlorophyll extraction,
  • Increasing pressure increases chlorophyll in extract
  • Increasing temperature increases chlorophyll in extract
  • Higher pressures are harder to maintain if CO2 supply is not continuous (cylinders instead of bulk)
60l supercritical co2 extraction machine

Flow rate

The following are concerns regarding flow rate:

  • Maintaining flow rate at higher pressures is more difficult due to a loss of CO2 supply (especially when using tanks and the cylinders are emptying).
  • Increasing flow rate can cause dry ice accumulation, resulting in a higher chance of icing up lines unless additional heat is applied.
  • Decreasing flow allows for the material to be in contact with the solvent for longer, increasing potential yield.
  • Decreasing flow slows processing.
60l supercritical co2 extractor

Solvent-to-feed ratio

This is a processing time/solvent cost versus extract quantity amount issue. The correct ratio is the one that is most cost effective.

Simply the most complete
CO2 extraction process you can find

CO2 Extraction Process

From raw material preparation, we offer you the most complete CO2 essential oil extraction process.
At the same time, more than 100 CO2 essential oil extraction methods from the laboratory are also provided for you.


how to extract essential oils

Detailed explanation of CO2 extraction process steps of plant essential oils。

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how to extract cbd

About the co2 extraction machine cannabis.
You can read a lot of articles about cbd oil extraction from the Internet, but I can tell you for sure that they are not comprehensive at all, and even have wrong descriptions.

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