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Supercritical Fluid System

Supercritical CO2 Fluid System

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Supercritical Fluid System

supercritical fluid system

Apply supercritical fluids to various fields in production and life, such as energy saving, natural product extraction, polymerization reactions, ultrafine powder and fiber production, spraying and coatings, catalytic processes and supercritical chromatography to obtain products with certain characteristics. It is supercritical fluid system.

Since 1989, BIT HUAN has been engaged in the research, development, and manufacturing of supercritical fluid systems.

The following series of products are currently available:

BIT’s Supercritical Fluid Systems

Supercritical Fluid Extractor

  • High-speed extraction of essential oils
  • 0.5L-4500L free customization
  • Can integrate supercritical CO2 fractionation system (SFF)
  • SFF technical support

Supercritical Dryer

  • Supercritical fluid is CO2 or ethanol
  • Ultrasonic option
  • Larger volume drying kettle up to 1000L
  • Aerogel drying
  • Automatic control and operation

Supercritical Fluid Reactor

  • High selectivity
  • Homogeneous reaction
  • Faster response
  • Adjust the reaction process through pressure or temperature changes
  • Increase the durability of the catalyst

Supercritical CO2 Dyeing

  • Can save 42% of energy
  • No need of water or chemicals (dispersant, leveling agent, RC agent)
  • No need for wastewater treatment and dryer
  • CO2 can be recycled and reused

Micronization Equipment

  • Precise control, precise production
  • Particle preparation and crystallization
  • Software is simple and intuitive, with a friendly interface

Supercritical CO2 cleaning

  • Replace VOC and CFC
  • Low viscosity and high diffusibility
  • Effectively remove the dirt in the dead zone
  • Wafer and MEMS cleaning / drying

supercritical water oxidation reactor

  • Continuous operation
  • Pre-heater and after-cooler
  • Supercritical water, hydrogen peroxide
  • Water pump, hydrogen peroxide pump, post separator
Pilot scale SFE
Commercial scale SFE

Characteristics of supercritical fluids

Has the dual characteristics of liquid and gas. It has density close to liquid, viscosity close to gas and high diffusion coefficient, so it has strong solubility and good flow and transfer performance.

Prospect of Supercritical Fluid System

Due to the special physical and chemical properties of supercritical fluids, the application fields of supercritical fluid technology continue to expand. In addition to fluid extraction, supercritical fluids can also be used in particle manufacturing, environmental governance, chemical reactions and energy saving.

With more in-depth research on fluids, the industrialization of supercritical fluid technology will have better application prospects and bring greater economic and environmental benefits to the world.

Supercritical fluid system Cost and Supercritical CO2 fluid machine price

Our supercritical fluid equipment/machine price is lower than our peers’, and our supercritical dryer is high quality, we have our own manufacturing factory, all products are factory price, there is absolutely no middleman markup, we accept both small batch scale customer and large industrial batch scale wholesale supercritical fluid systems and supercritical CO2 fluid machines for sale online

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