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Nutmeg oil extraction machine

C-30F 120L Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine

Efficient CO2 essential oil extraction systems & machines.
Medium-sized extraction machine, ASME certification, GMP ready.
4 30L extractors for efficient extraction.
The optimization machine for extracting nutmeg essential oil.

120L supercritical CO2 extraction machine

The C-30F supercritical carbon dioxide extraction machine has a medium extraction capacity, and two sets of extraction kettles alternately extract, which is highly efficient and energy-saving.
It is a CO2 essential oil extraction machine that is very popular in the Chinese market

CO2 nutmeg oil extraction machine
  • High flow rate, flow rate up to 8kg per minute.
  • Single container capacity: 30L, number of containers: 4
  • The extraction time is short, processing 160-200 pounds per day.
  • The two sets of extraction kettles are designed to operate, and there is no downtime between operations.
  • Carbon dioxide is continuously circulated in a closed circuit for fluid recirculation. The standard CO2 recovery system saves production costs.
  • Three separators can easily separate light and heavy components.
  • Low maintenance cost, piston seal can be replaced quickly
  • Extraction, 5G information channel, remote work, compatible with mobile interface
  • Graphic control panel, facing the future, networked production, remote control,
  • Run log record export to optimize the production process
  • Database interface, production process customization
  • Friendly man-machine interface, simple operation, and setting.

120L CO2 extraction machine configuration parameter table

Volume30 L, 4 setsVolumeⅠ 20 L, Ⅱ 10L
Max Working Pressure400barMax. working pressure Ⅰ 260bar, Ⅱ 180bar
Outlet pressure400 barOutlet pressure400 bars
Max. flowrate800L/hMax. flowrate20L/h
Volume20 L , 2 sets Parameters controlPLC / PC-based software with recipe for automation
Working pressure85 bar Screen/Datalogging7 inches/Included
Power/CO23 phase/Food grade ≥99.5%HS code:8479200000
Installation6800×6000×4500mmAirport /Port of Lading:Shanghai  
Max Working Pressure500-800barBack pressure valvePneumatic control
Fractionating column300par 4-section gradient temperature control



Myristica fragrans (scientific name: Myristica fragrans) is an evergreen tree plant of the Myristica fragrans family. Small trees; young branches are slender. This species is a famous spice and medicinal plant in the tropics. The fruits are harvested in winter and spring when they are ripe.

Its seeds are used as medicine to treat cold dysentery, abdominal cold pain, vomiting, etc.; external use can be used as a parasite repellent to treat rheumatic pain. In addition, it can also be used as condiments and industrial oil raw materials. Myristica fragrans is an important spice and medicinal plant.


  • The ethanol extract of nutmeg has antifungal and antimicrobial effects, and its terpenoids have antibacterial effects.
  • Nutmeg oil has a local stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, a small amount can promote gastric juice secretion and intestinal peristalsis, and a large amount has an inhibitory effect.
  • Nutmeg oil is a powerful monoamine oxidase inhibitor with significant anesthetic properties.
  • The myristyl ether and deoxy-diisoeugenol isolated from the nutmeg coat can inhibit the lipid peroxidation in the liver by directly scavenging free radicals and active oxygen.
  • Myristyl ether has a moderately exciting effect on the human brain, and nutmeg has a hallucinogenic effect on normal people.
CO2 nutmeg essential oil extraction machine

CO2 extraction process one

Raw material moisture content: <10%
Broken size: 60-80 mesh
Extraction temperature: 40℃
CO2 pressure: 120Bar
Extraction time: 2 hours
Yield rate: 12%


Raw material moisture content: <10%
Broken size: 60-80 mesh
Extraction temperature: 50℃
CO2 pressure: 320Bar
Extraction time: 2 hours
Yield rate: 43.8%


The extract of parameter one is pure essential oil extract. Because of the high extraction pressure, the extract of parameter 2 obtained more other substances and even some ineffective substances.