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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a CO2 Extraction Machine

co2 essential oil extraction equipment

CO2 extraction is a versatile and efficient method used in many industries, including cannabis and essential oils. It offers a safe and non-toxic method for creating high-quality extracts while minimizing waste. With so many CO2 extraction systems available, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. This guide discusses three essential factors to consider when choosing a CO2 extractor for cannabis and essential oil extraction.

Cannabis Extraction

Cannabis has over 100 unique compounds, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These compounds are responsible for the plant’s unique characteristics and therapeutic effects. CO2 extraction is a popular method in the cannabis industry because it can extract these compounds without leaving behind harmful residues.

Temperature control is critical in cannabis extraction to regulate the desired cannabinoid and terpene profiles accurately. Accurate pressure control is also essential as it determines the ultimate yield and quality of the extract produced. In addition, adjusting the flow rate per unit volume can optimize the yield, as an excessive amount of CO2 can negatively impact the extraction quality by dissolving undesired materials.

When selecting a CO2 extractor for cannabis extraction, consider a system with an accurate and precise temperature, pressure, and flow rate control systems. This ensures consistency in the desired cannabinoid and terpene profiles, resulting in high-quality and safe cannabis extracts.

Essential Oil Extraction

Essential oils are volatile and aromatic compounds that are often extracted from flowers, fruits, leaves, and bark. They have been used for various purposes, including aromatherapy, medicinal, and cosmetic purposes. CO2 extraction provides higher yields of essential oils with better quality than other extraction methods.

Temperature control is essential in CO2 essential oil extraction because these materials require thermally stable conditions to prevent degradation. High-quality essential oils require a temperature range below 45-50℃ to maintain their aromas and other therapeutic properties. Accurate and precise pressure control is also essential in essential oil extraction to output different ranges of essential oils, while maintaining high purity and quality.

In addition, flow rate manipulation can result in essential oils with a narrow range of output compounds, making it a useful approach to producing an expected range of compositions. When selecting a CO2 extractor for essential oil extraction, consider a system with accurate and precise temperature, pressure, and flow rate control systems. This ensures consistent and high-quality essential oil outputs with a diverse range of compositions.


Temperature is a critical factor that affects both the yield and quality of CO2 extracts. CO2 has a specific temperature range where it functions optimization, so extraction efficiency can be maximized at specific temperatures. The temperature control system of a CO2 extractor should be accurate, stable, and avoid fluctuations. The temperature must be carefully monitored so that it stays in the optimal temperature range and does not adversely affect output.

Temperature Range for CO2 Extraction

Type of CompoundTemperature Range (°C)
Terpenes30 – 50
Flavonoids60 – 80
Cannabinoids90 – 100


In addition, pressure is another essential factor that determines the efficiency of CO2 extraction. Maintaining a specific pressure during the extraction process is crucial to achieving an efficient and high-quality extraction. The pressure regulator used in the CO2 extractor should keep precise pressure and be able to switch quickly to any changes in pressure. Choosing an extractor with reliable and accurate pressure control systems will enable consistent and efficient extraction.

Optimal Pressure Range for CO2 Extraction

Type of CompoundPressure Range (bar)
Flavonoids100 – 150

Flow Rate

Flow rate refers to the volume of CO2 that passes through the extraction vessel over time. A stable flow rate is essential for maintaining the overall efficiency of the extraction process. In large-scale operations, flow rate is particularly important, as high throughput is crucial. Choosing an extractor with a reliable and precise flowmeter can ensure a stable and accurate flow rate throughout the extraction process, resulting in consistent yields and high-quality extracts.

Optimal Flow Rates for Different Sized CO2 Extractors

Extraction System SizeFlow Rate (liter/minute)
Small (<10L)0.5 – 2.5
Medium (10-50L)2.5 – 10
Large (>50L)>10


Choosing the right CO2 extractor can be a challenging task. However, by putting into consideration the three critical performance factors of temperature, pressure, and flow rate, you can select the optimal CO2 extractor for your needs. You should choose an extractor with accurate temperature and pressure control systems, as well as a precise flowmeter for maintaining a steady flow of CO2. The benefits of selecting the right CO2 extractor are vast, including better yields, higher product quality and consistency.

In summary, don’t forget to consider temperature, pressure, and flow rate before purchasing a CO2 extraction system, as these factors directly impact yields, product quality, and consistency. With a better understanding of these essential performance metrics, you can make a well-informed decision, which will pay off in terms of increased productivity, less waste, and ultimately, more profit.