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The CO2 extraction process of rosemary oils

CO2 extraction of rosemary oil

CO2 extraction method

Turn on the main power, heating, cooling, and cold cycle switches of the supercritical CO2 extraction process device, add rosemary leaves to the extraction tank, add entrainer, and pass CO2.

After the set temperature and pressure are balanced, start the high-pressure pump, adjust the communication valve between the extraction tank and separator I and separator II to keep it at the required pressure, and start timing.

When the extraction is over, turn off the high-pressure pump, heating, cooling, cold cycle, and main power switches in order. The discharge valve of separator I discharge solid rosemary antioxidant and the discharge valve of separator II releases Liquid rosemary essential oil and entrainer.

Adjust the communication valve between the extraction tank and the separator I and separator II.

After the pressure is balanced, make part of the CO return to the cylinder. Close the related communication valve, open the drain valve, open the extraction tank, and take the rosemary leaf residue

The optimization co2 extraction process for rosemary oil

Supercritical CO2 extraction of rosemary antioxidants

Because the content of essential oil in rosemary leaves is much lower than that of antioxidants, the extraction conditions have no significant effect on the extraction of rosemary essential oils.

Therefore, only the effect of SCDE factors on the yield of antioxidants was studied. According to preliminary experiments, factors such as extraction and separation temperature, extraction pressure, extraction time, and amount of entrainer are considered to be the main influencing factors of the rosemary antioxidant SCDE.

Therefore, a 4-factor and 3-level test scheme was designed. The extraction temperature refers to The water bath temperature of the extraction tank, the separation temperature refers to the water bath temperature of separator I, and the water bath temperature of the separator II is fixed to 40 l; the extraction pressure refers to the pressure of the extraction tank, and the pressure of the separator I and the separator II are both 4 ~ 5 MPa; fixed circulation flow rate; rosemary leaves are crushed, and the feeding scale is 50g.

The preferred conditions for supercritical Co2 extraction (SCDE) of rosemary essential oil and antioxidants are extraction time of 4 h, mass ratio of entrainer 95% ethanol to rosemary leaves 2: 5, and the temperature of extraction tank and separator I The temperature is 50°C and 70°C, the temperature of separator II is 40°C, the extraction pressure is 20 MPa, and the separation pressure is 4 to 5 MPa.

CO2 extraction process for rosemary essential oil

  • Pulverization degree: 50 mesh
  • Extraction pressure: 20 MPa
  • Extraction temperature: 40°C
  • Extraction time: 240 min
  • Separate pressure I: 5 MPa
  • Separate I temperature: 70°C
  • Separate pressure II: 4 MPa
  • Separate II temperature: 40°C

The average yield of rosemary oi was 1.80 %.
Results of ccnstituent analysia of rosemary oit ohowed that the essentiat oit mainly ccntains 1,8-cineeIe, camphor, a-terpineoI, borneel, verbenone, terpinen-4-oI, bornyS acetate, and linaloI. The average yield of oS rosemary antioxidants was 11.93 %. The main active component of oS rosemary antioxidant was ccrnosic acid, ccrnosol, and rosmarinic acid, whose contents were 23.61 %, 7.33%, and 5. 13 %, respectively.