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Black Pepper Essential Oil

Pure natural black pepper oil extracted by supercritical CO2

Best black pepper essential oil

The best black pepper Essential oil is extracted from berries of black pepper by supercritical CO2 fluid and light greenish in appearance.

CO2 extract black pepper oil

This oil is free from solvent, pesticide residues and heavy metal traces and therefore is ideal for high quality pharmaceutical, cosmetic, cosmoceutical, nutraceutical formulations and food products.

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The ripe fruit of Piper nigrum L., a pepper plant.

Black Pepper’s woody warm aroma comes from the volatile oils found mostly in the flesh and skin. The pungency of its bite comes from the alkaloids and resins found in seeds. The essential oil goes into perfumes and flavourings. It is used for reducing stomach and intestinal gas and has been found to stimulate the activities of the heart and kidneys.

Production process

After pulverizing black pepper at low temperature, it is produced by supercritical CO2 extraction technology.

Black pepper essential oil CO2 extraction method

Main ingredients

Piperine, α-pinene, L-α-phellandrene, piperonal, dihydroarteline alcohol, etc.


Light red oily clear liquid, with the unique aroma and spicy taste of black pepper.


Light yellow to light green oily liquid.


Has a unique aroma of black pepper

Physical properties

  • Relative density (25℃)/(g/cm3): 0.8700~0.9500
  • Refractive index (20℃): 1.4800~1.5500
  • Arsenic (calculated as As)/(%): ≤0.0002
  • Lead (calculated as Pb)/(%): ≤0.001

Active compounds

Black peppercorns contain compounds called alkaloids and one of most important is piperine. It acts as a central nervous system depressant and suppresses fever and pain. It is known to be anti-inflammatory and insecticidal. It is known to cause skin pigmentation and is used in vitiligo.

About black pepper

Pure natural black pepper oil extracted by supercritical CO2
Black pepper
  • Pepper is one of the oldest and the world’s most important spice. It is the dried fruit of Piper nigrum L.
  • Native of Madagascar and Malabar Coast of South Western India, pepper is also known as the King of Spices.
  • The berries start turning from red to black as they mature, black pepper is dried, developed unripe fruit.
  • Pepper can be used in tonic and is also used as a flavour ingredient in food products. In meat products it is used for curing and preserving.

Photo of supercritical CO2 extraction black pepper essential oil machine