Supercritical CO2 extraction of Homalomena occulta

Supercritical CO2 extraction of Homalomena occulta

Homalomena occulta

Homalomena occulta is mainly produced in southern Guangxi, southeastern Yunnan, southern Guangxi, Vietnam and Thailand. According to reports in the literature, Homalomena occulta has a significant effect on the treatment of proliferative spondylitis. Its main component is volatile oil

Supercritical CO2 extraction experiment

Crush Homalomena occulta into coarse powder, weigh 350g and put it into a 1L extraction kettle, heat the extraction kettle and the desorption kettle to reach a predetermined temperature, send in a certain amount of CO2 gas, adjust the pressure of each kettle, and start circulating extraction. The desorption kettle Ⅰ The pressure is (8.0±0.5) MPa and the temperature is 50°C; the pressure of the analytical reactor II is (5.0±0.5) MPa and the temperature is 37°C.

According to the uniform design arrangement, the experiment was carried out, and the extraction yield rate was used as the evaluation index, and the influence of each factor level on the extraction effect was investigated, and the best process conditions were obtained.

That is, the optimal extraction process conditions are: pressure 20MPa, temperature 60°C, and time 30min. All factors have no significant influence on the extraction effect.

In order to verify the stability of this process, we conducted 3 additional verification experiments under the above optimal conditions. The extraction yields were 1.98%, 1.97%, 2.14%, and the average extraction rate was 2.03%.

Preparation method of inclusion compound

Take a certain amount of β-cyclodextrin, add the specified amount of water and grind it evenly, pour it into the colloid mill, start the machine, keep the speed at 3000r·min-1, adjust the grinding distance to 5m, and continuously and slowly drop it with a proper amount of ethanol to dissolve The supercritical extract of Homalomena occulta, milled for a certain period of time, refrigerated at 4°C for 24h, suction filtered, washed with a small amount of water and ethanol 3 times, and dried in vacuum at 40°C to obtain the inclusion compound.

GC-MS analysis

A total of 132 chemical components were separated, which are more than those separated in various literatures. Among them, 52 have a coincidence degree of 80 or more. The main components are sesquiterpenes and terpene alcohols, and the content of linalool is The highest, accounting for 10.013% of the total volatile components, consistent with the results reported in the literature.
However, the content in this experiment is slightly lower than the content of linalool in the literature. On the one hand, the composition of the separated components may be different due to the differences in the chromatographic conditions of each experiment and the sample pretreatment process; on the other hand;

On the one hand, it may be due to the needs of the prescription, in order to alleviate the “dryness” of the medicinal materials and reduce gastrointestinal irritation. After processing, some components of the volatile oil of the medicinal materials are reduced, and there are reports in the literature that the content of Millennium Jianyin Tablets is significantly lower than Medicinal materials

It may also be caused by the different origin of Homalomena occulta.

To sum up

The Homalomena occulta extract obtained by supercritical extraction mainly contains sesquiterpenes, terpene alcohols and other substances, which have a peculiar smell. In this experiment, the stability of the Homalomena occulta extract can be increased by inclusion of β-cyclodextrin. , Mask the bad smell, and powder the liquid medicine to make it easy to prepare.

Process parameters

Pulverization degree:30 mesh
Extraction pressure: 20 MPa
Extraction temperature: 60°C
Separation pressure I: 16 MPa
Separation I temperature: 50°C
Separation pressure II: 8 MPa
Separation II temperature: 40°C
Extraction time: 30 min