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Essential oil supercritical co2 extraction machine

300L 50L×6 CO2 sea buckthorn oil extraction equipment

Since 2016, hundreds of units have been sold to Europe and the United States.
CBD oil extraction companies usually use 10 to 20 Multiple units form a flexible large-scale cannabis/hemp/hash oil production plant.
There are also companies in China that combine several C-50S supercritical CO2 extraction equipment into a sea buckthorn oil extraction plant.

50L co2 essential oil extraction equipment

Supercritical essential oil CO2 extraction machine is used to extract of essential oils from plants, and can retain terpenes in plants extracts.

Essential oil CO2 extraction process is very popular because it produces very clean essential oils without solvent residues that can be left behind, at same time it can enhance potency of essential oils and terpenes.