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Choose the right CO2 extraction machine: Safety

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Safety is a critical aspect to consider when choosing the right CO2 extraction machine. Supercritical CO2 extraction technology involves high-pressure and high-temperature conditions, which may pose risks to the operators and the environment if not managed correctly.

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First and foremost, the management and operators of the CO2 extraction device must have the necessary basic knowledge of pressure vessels. It is crucial to understand the difference between the working pressure and hydrostatic test pressure to ensure safe operations. It is strictly prohibited to perform production operations exceeding the allowable pressure on the extraction kettle device with the maximum working pressure. Otherwise, it could lead to catastrophic consequences, including equipment failure, leakage, and even explosions.

Overpressure relief device

Furthermore, it is essential to install an overpressure relief device, such as a safety valve with a bursting disc, to prevent overpressure situations. The bursting disc is a backup mechanism in case the safety valve malfunctions or gets blocked due to the accumulation of viscous components of Chinese herbal medicines on the valve flap or the passage of the valve. Therefore, dual insurance is necessary to ensure maximum safety.

Prevent high-pressure leakage

Another critical aspect to consider is the design of the equipment. The connection form of the pipe fittings should be fixed as much as possible, preferably through welded connections, to prevent high-pressure leakage. However, threaded flange connections may be more suitable to facilitate disassembly and washing during the production process.

CO2 recovery

Moreover, it is essential to have a well-designed CO2 recovery system to avoid CO2 emissions and reduce the risk of environmental pollution. The CO2 emissions should be concentrated in an emptying pipe and lead to outdoor emissions through an exhaust opening that is more than one meter above the roof. The diameter of the vent pipe should be at least two times larger than that of the high-pressure pipe to prevent blockages and ensure smooth flow.

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Final Words

Choosing the right supercritical CO2 extraction machine requires careful consideration of various factors, including safety, efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. The operators and management must have the necessary knowledge and skills to operate the equipment safely and avoid potential risks to themselves and the environment. Additionally, a well-designed CO2 recovery system and energy-efficient operations are crucial for sustainable and safe production.