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CO2 Extraction Process for Extracting Agarwood Essential Oil

agarwood essential oil

Agarwood oil is derived from the resinous heartwood of the agarwood tree, which is native to Southeast Asia. This oil is considered one of the most precious essential oils in the world, with a long history of use in traditional medicine, perfumery, and spiritual practices. Today, agarwood oil is commonly extracted using the CO2 extraction method, which yields a high-quality, pure oil that’s prized for its numerous benefits and uses.

What is CO2 Agarwood Oil?

CO2 agarwood oil is a natural extract that’s obtained using the CO2 extraction method. This oil is derived from the agarwood tree’s heartwood, which is prized for its aromatic compounds and medicinal properties. CO2 extraction produces a pure and potent oil that’s free of solvents or other impurities.

The Four Major Benefits of CO2 Agarwood Oil

  • Mood Enhancer: CO2 agarwood oil has a rich and complex aroma that can help to promote relaxation and uplift your mood. This oil is commonly used in aromatherapy practices to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Spiritual Purposes: Agarwood has long been revered for its spiritual properties and is used in many religious and spiritual practices. CO2 agarwood oil can be used to facilitate meditation, enhance spiritual practices, and promote a sense of connection with the divine.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Agarwood oil contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that can help to reduce inflammation and pain in the body. This oil has been traditionally used to treat arthritis, joint pain, and inflammation-related disorders.
  • Anti-viral: CO2 agarwood oil is also known for its anti-viral properties and is used to boost immunity, prevent infections, and treat colds and flu.

How is CO2 Agarwood Oil Produced?

  • Harvesting: Agarwood trees are typically found in the wild in Southeast Asia, where they grow in tropical forests. The trees are stimulated to produce the aromatic resin that’s used to make agarwood oil either through natural damage or through manual injury.
  • Extraction: CO2 extraction is the preferred method for producing agarwood oil since it yields a pure and potent oil. The process involves placing the agarwood chips or powder in a closed vessel and exposing them to high-pressure CO2. This process separates the oil from the plant material and produces a pure and potent extract.

How to Use CO2 Agarwood Oil

  • Aromatherapy: CO2 agarwood oil can be used in aromatherapy practices by diffusing it in a room or adding it to a carrier oil for massage.
  • Skincare: Agarwood oil can be added to skincare products to help improve skin texture, reduce inflammation, and promote cell regeneration.
  • Perfumery: Agarwood oil is a prized ingredient in many high-end perfumes and colognes due to its unique and complex aroma.

CO2 Extraction and Traditional Extraction


CO2 extraction method for agarwood oil offers higher efficiency compared to traditional extraction methods such as hydrodistillation or steam distillation. It yields a higher percentage of pure essential oil from the agarwood chips, and the process takes less time.


Agarwood oil extracted through CO2 extraction method contains a higher concentration of the active compounds within the agarwood, such as the precious and rare oud oil, sesquiterpenes, and other aromatic compounds. The CO2 extraction method preserves more of these compounds than traditional methods, leading to a higher-quality oil.


CO2 extracted agarwood oil has been found to have powerful aromatic properties that make it popular in the fragrance industry. It is also used in traditional medicine practices due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

A comparison of CO2 Extraction and Traditional Extraction for extracting Agarwood Oil

CriteriaCO2 ExtractionTraditional Extraction
EfficiencyHigher efficiencyLower efficiency
CompositionHigher concentration of active compoundsLower concentration of active compounds
FunctionalityHas antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as powerful aromatic propertiesLimited functions

CO2 Extraction Process

Agarwood essential oil is a natural essential oil extracted from the resin of the Aquilaria agallocha tree. It has a deep woody aroma and soothing effect. It is often used in spices, aromatherapy, massage and other fields.

CO2 Essential Oil Extraction Equipment

The extraction method of agarwood essential oil

The main extraction methods of agarwood essential oil are distillation, solvent extraction and CO2 supercritical extraction. Among them, the CO2 supercritical extraction method is currently the most widely used method, which uses supercritical CO2 as the extraction medium to extract the essential oil in the agarwood resin. This method can extract high-quality, high-purity agarwood essential oil without any harmful substances, and is a relatively safe and environmentally friendly extraction method.

Top 4 advantages of extracting agarwood essential oil with CO2

Agarwood essential oil CO2 extraction process

Compared with traditional distillation and solvent extraction, CO2 supercritical extraction has the following advantages:

  • High extraction efficiency: The CO2 supercritical extraction method can extract all the volatile components in the agarwood resin, which not only has high extraction efficiency, but also ensures the purity and quality of the essential oil.
  • Environmental protection and safety: CO2 is a non-toxic and harmless extraction medium, which will not produce pollutants and will not affect the quality of agarwood essential oil, so it is an environmentally friendly and safe extraction method.
  • Easy to operate: The CO2 extraction method is easy to operate, does not need to add any additional solvents or chemical substances, and only needs to control parameters such as temperature and pressure to obtain high-quality agarwood essential oil.
  • Stable quality: The agarwood essential oil obtained by the CO2 extraction method has high quality stability, and is not easily affected by light, heat, oxygen and other factors to lose active ingredients, and can be stored and used for a long time.

Six Benefits of CO2 Agarwood Essential Oil

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CO2 Agarwood Essential Oil has the following benefits:

  • Antioxidant: CO2 agarwood essential oil is rich in agarwood phenolic compounds, which has powerful antioxidant activity, can resist the generation of free radicals and oxidation reactions, thereby protecting the integrity and function of cells and tissues.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Agarwood phenolic compounds in CO2 agarwood essential oil have obvious anti-inflammatory effects, which can relieve pain, reduce swelling, and promote wound healing.
  • Promote blood circulation: CO2 agarwood essential oil can promote blood circulation, improve blood vessel dilation and blood flow, help prevent cardiovascular diseases and improve body immunity.
  • Relieve stress: CO2 agarwood essential oil has a soothing and calming effect, which can relieve stress and anxiety and improve physical and mental health.
  • Health care and beauty: CO2 agarwood essential oil can be used for health care and beauty, which can improve skin quality, reduce wrinkles and spots, improve skin elasticity and firmness, etc.
  • Environmental protection and safety: The extraction method of CO2 agarwood essential oil is a green, environmentally friendly and safe technology, which will not cause harm to the environment and human body.

Five Steps of Supercritical CO2 Extraction Process for Extracting Agarwood Essential Oil

  • Raw material processing: Agarwood wood is ground into powder and impurities are removed.
  • Extractor preparation: CO2 is stored in high-pressure storage tanks and pumped to a supercritical state before being introduced into the extractor.
  • Extraction operation: put the processed agarwood powder into the extractor, and extract under a certain temperature and pressure. The extraction time depends on the raw materials and equipment.
  • Separation and recovery: the extracted mixture enters the separator for separation and recovery to obtain agarwood essential oil and CO2.
  • Treatment of agarwood essential oil: After preliminary extraction, agarwood essential oil needs to be further processed, such as distillation, freeze concentration, filtration, etc., to achieve higher purity and quality requirements.

The advantage of the CO2 supercritical extraction method is that CO2 is a very safe and environmentally friendly extraction medium, and can accurately control parameters such as temperature and pressure. The extracted agarwood essential oil is of high quality and does not contain harmful substances. It is suitable for high-quality, Production of high purity agarwood essential oil.

Final Words

CO2 agarwood oil is a highly valuable and sought-after essential oil with numerous benefits and uses. This oil has been used for centuries in traditional medicine, perfumery, and spiritual practices and is prized for its rich aroma, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and mood-enhancing properties. With proper storage and use, CO2 agarwood oil can provide you with numerous benefits for years to come.