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Coffee CO2 Essential Oil

What is Coffee CO2 Essential Oil?

Coffee Bean CO2 Essential Oil is obtained from roasted coffee beans. The SCFE Co2 supercritical extraction method is used for extracting the roasted coffee oil.

Supercritical CO2 extraction of coffee essential oil

The roasting procedure helps release, caramelize and emulsify the starches, fats and sugars present in the coffee beans. The extraction process creates delicate roasted coffee oil. The oil has distinctive taste and aroma. Top quality oil can be extracted from coffee beans of good origin that have been roasted well.

Features of Coffee CO2 Essential Oil

CO2 extraction process of rose and 【 CO2 Essential Oil Extraction Equipment】 operation explanation

Organic Coffee Bean Supercritical CO2 Extract

  • Coffee Bean CO2 Essential Oil is an aromatic fatty oil with coffee flavor components (e.g., 2-furanmethanol, methylpyrazine, furfuryl acetate), as well as less than 0.5% caffeine.
  • According to the producer, this non-toxic product is also used minimally for aroma/flavoring in ice cream, desserts and beverages.
  • Caffeol is the constituent responsible for the distinctive flavor and aroma
  • Of coffee beans and is produced when the beans are roasted.
  • Cafestol, a diterpene, is the main constituent of the non-saponifiable portion of Coffee Bean oil6 and is under study for its diverse pharmacological benefits.

Benefits and uses of coffee essential oil

The use of coffee essential oil is especially useful for those suffering from anxiety, muscle tension, respiratory diseases, depression, inflammation, stomach problems, colds, coughs, flu, low metabolism, loss of appetite, and allergies.

Increase appetite

The scent of this oil alone is enough to affect the limbic system of the body and stimulate hunger, which is important for those who are recovering from a long-term illness, surgery or injury, as well as those with eating disorders or malnutrition.

Prevent chronic diseases

The antioxidants found in coffee essential oils can help reduce oxidative stress on the skin, increase blood flow to these cells, and prevent infections and chronic diseases. This oil can also help fight wrinkles, age spots and blemishes, while improving the elasticity of the skin. You can use a small amount of diluted coffee essential oil, or essential oil mixed with essential oil, and apply it to the skin area you want to shine!

Improve respiratory health

Inhaling coffee essential oil can help relieve inflammation of the respiratory tract and prevent infections in the area.

Reduce inflammation

One of the optimization uses of coffee essential oil is to treat muscle soreness and joint soreness. Applying a small amount of oil locally can help relax muscles, increase blood flow, and accelerate healing and relief. This oil is also good for other inflammations, such as headaches, gastrointestinal upsets, arthritis and gout.

Help reduce allergies

Studies have shown that the active ingredients in coffee essential oil help reduce allergic reactions in the body. By helping the body’s immune system respond more effectively, it can also help reduce stress on your immune system.

Reduce stress and anxiety

In order to reduce stress, improve mood and prevent depression, many people turn to the relaxing properties of coffee essential oils. This rich and warm fragrance permeates your home and can give people a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Improve digestion

If you are struggling with gastrointestinal discomfort, such as constipation, nausea or irritable bowel syndrome, the antioxidants and acids in coffee essential oil can optimize digestion, eliminate nausea and vomiting, and ensure proper nutritional intake.


It is optimization to use roasted coffee oil in diluted form. People with sensitive skins should perform a patch test before using it. It must not be used without testing its sensitivity first as it could cause allergic reactions in some people. Children, pregnant and breast feeding women and those suffering from kidney or liver diseases should avoid taking this essential oil.

Supercritical CO2 coffee essential oil extraction machine

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What’s the diff between an Coffee Essential Oil, a CO2 Extract?

Supercritical Agarwood Oil CO2 extraction machine 【CO2 Essential Oil Extraction Equipment】

There are a number of aromatic coffee oils and extracts on the market including those marketed as coffee essential oil. coffee carrier oil, coffee infused oil, coffee absolute and coffee CO2 extract.

  • Cold pressed Coffee Oil is abundant in both volatile compounds and fatty acids, even if it is marketed as an essential oil.
  • Sometimes, coffee oil is produced by infusing coffee beans into a vegetable oil to produce what is known as an infused oil.
  • Incredibly aromatic Coffee CO2 Extract as well as a Coffee Absolute that is produced by solvent extraction.
  • Coffee CO2 Extract Total contains less than 0.5% caffeine according.
  • Coffee Oil and Coffee CO2 Extract is gaining more widespread use in personal care product formulation.

As it turns out, it’s the same process that separates caffeine from coffee beans– decaffeinating them and giving us decaf coffee as a less intense alternative. It’s often used in pharmacology to extract medicinal constituents from plants – and in cosmetics, supercritical CO2 extraction may be the most effective way to extract the highest quality oil.

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Top 7 Steps

Supercritical CO2 extraction is a commonly used method to extract Coffee CO2 essential oil. Coffee beans (seeds of the Coffea plant) are known for their aromatic compounds that contribute to the distinctive flavor and aroma of coffee. Supercritical CO2 extraction allows for the selective extraction of these compounds to obtain a concentrated Coffee CO2 essential oil. Here is an overview of the process:

  1. Material Preparation: Coffee beans are carefully selected and roasted to develop the desired flavors and aromas. The roasted beans are then cooled and ground into a consistent particle size to ensure efficient extraction.
  2. Supercritical CO2 Extraction Setup: The supercritical CO2 extraction system consists of a high-pressure extraction vessel, a CO2 supply system, a heat exchanger, and a separator. The extraction vessel is designed to handle the high pressures required for the supercritical CO2 state.
  3. Adjustment of Parameters: The extraction parameters, including temperature, pressure, and flow rate, are carefully controlled to optimize the extraction process. These parameters are specific to the coffee beans being used and the desired composition of the Coffee CO2 essential oil.
  4. Loading the Material: The ground coffee beans are loaded into the extraction vessel. The vessel is sealed, and CO2 is introduced to pressurize the system.
  5. Extraction: The CO2 is brought to its supercritical state by raising the temperature and pressure. In this supercritical state, CO2 acts as a solvent, dissolving the aromatic compounds from the coffee beans. The dissolved compounds are extracted along with the CO2.
  6. Separation: After the extraction, the CO2 and dissolved Coffee CO2 essential oil are directed to the separator. Here, the pressure is reduced, allowing the CO2 to revert to its gaseous state. The Coffee CO2 essential oil, being non-volatile, remains as a concentrated extract.
  7. Collection and Storage: The Coffee CO2 essential oil is collected and stored in appropriate containers, ensuring proper labeling and storage conditions to preserve its quality.

Pros and Apps

Supercritical CO2 extraction offers several advantages for extracting Coffee CO2 essential oil. It allows for the selective extraction of the desirable aromatic compounds while minimizing the extraction of unwanted components. The process operates at lower temperatures, helping to preserve the delicate flavor profile and prevent thermal degradation of the oil. Additionally, the use of CO2 as the solvent is safe, environmentally friendly, and leaves no residual solvents in the final extract.

The extracted Coffee CO2 essential oil finds applications in the fragrance and flavor industry. It is used in perfumes, colognes, and scented products for its rich coffee aroma. In the food and beverage industry, Coffee CO2 essential oil is utilized to enhance the flavor of various products, including baked goods, desserts, beverages, and confectionery.

Supercritical CO2 extraction of Coffee CO2 essential oil provides a reliable and efficient method to obtain a concentrated extract with the distinct aroma and flavor of coffee. Its application extends to industries where the unique properties of Coffee CO2 essential oil find diverse uses.