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Difference Between Small and Industrial CO2 Extraction Machine

Small CO2 extraction machine

In the design of supercritical CO2 fluid systems, a small CO2 extraction machine usually refers to a small extraction capacity(For example tabletop co2 extractor), which is used for small experiments in the laboratory, research, and confirmation of the extraction process, and finally, scale up the mature and correct CO2 extraction process to an industrial supercritical CO2 extraction machine for scale. production.

100ml tabletop co2 extractor
5000ml small co2 extraction machine

Industrial CO2 extraction machine

Industrial CO2 extraction machines are customized or general-purpose CO2 extraction machines based on the results of small-scale experimental studies. There are many customized contents: the third separation kettle; ultra-high pressure, up to 105MPa; rectification column; cold trap in the separation kettle, etc.

1000l industrial co2 extraction machine
2100l industrial co2 extraction machine

Difference Between Small and Industrial supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine


Capacity: Extraction vessels from 100ml to 5000ml.

Pressure: The maximum extraction pressure is generally 50MPa (7250psi), up to 105MPa. Note: 100ml and 200ml machines are special examples, 35MPa (5000psi)

Separation Vessel (Collector): Two to three separation kettles are normally equipped to collect light and heavy components.

Distillation column: SFF is a very important process in supercritical fluid extraction, and it is often the configuration specified by some laboratories with higher requirements.

The gas is recycled and reused: In some household extraction equipment we have seen, it will discharge the gas directly through the separator. In the laboratory, the economical use of the gas must be considered, so there must be a professional pipeline to circulate the gas through the filter. To CO2 gas storage for recovery extraction.


Extraction kettle: The extraction capacity of a single kettle ranges from 10L to 3000L, or even higher. The extraction system consists of two to three extraction containers, and a maximum of 6 containers are divided into two groups to work alternately, which is efficient and economical; large-scale extraction is equipped with a pneumatic opening mechanism.

Pressure: The maximum working extraction pressure of the 10L-30L extraction vessel is generally 40MPa (5800psi), and the ultra-high pressure represents the ultra-high cost. Of course, in special cases, it is still necessary to customize a high-pressure extraction container. For example, the extraction of astaxanthin from Haematococcus Pluvialis requires very high pressure.

Separation vessel (collector): normally equipped with two separation kettles for collecting light components and heavy components, of course, there are three customized separators.

Distillation tower: Configure according to needs, such as capsanthin, animal fat removal, separation of wax and chlorophyll during cannabis extraction, etc.

CO2 recovery system: It is recommended to use a gas recovery system in the extraction system with a single kettle of more than 30L, which will maximize the use of the gas in the gas container, and at the same time, the gas in the extraction container can be recovered, saving gas and reducing costs.

Pressure regulation: For pressure regulation, the extraction system with a single kettle of 100L is usually equipped with an automatically controlled pneumatic pressure regulating valve.

CNC control: The system is equipped with a CNC control operating system to control the adjustment of temperature and pressure during the extraction process.

CO2 extraction process of rose and 【 CO2 Essential Oil Extraction Equipment】 operation explanation

Top 5 Differences Between Small and Industrial CO2 Extraction Machine

Small and industrial CO2 extraction machines are designed for different scales of operations and have distinct features and capabilities. Here are the key differences between small-scale and industrial-scale CO2 extraction machines:

Differences 1#: Size and Capacity:

  • Small CO2 Extraction Machine: Small-scale machines are compact and portable, designed for smaller operations or research and development purposes. They have lower extraction capacities, typically ranging from a few grams to a few kilograms of input material per batch.
  • Industrial CO2 Extraction Machine: Industrial-scale machines are significantly larger and built for large-scale production. They have higher extraction capacities, ranging from several kilograms to several hundred kilograms or even tons of input material per day.

Differences 2#: Extraction Efficiency:

  • Small CO2 Extraction Machine: Small-scale machines may have limited extraction efficiency due to their smaller size and lower pressure and temperature capabilities. They are suitable for extracting a relatively small amount of target compounds from the input material.
  • Industrial CO2 Extraction Machine: Industrial-scale machines are designed for high extraction efficiency. They can generate higher pressures and temperatures, enabling better solubility and extraction of target compounds. These machines are optimized for large-scale production and higher throughput.

Differences 3#: Automation and Control:

  • Small CO2 Extraction Machine: Small-scale machines may have simpler control systems and limited automation features. They often require more manual intervention and monitoring during the extraction process.
  • Industrial CO2 Extraction Machine: Industrial-scale machines are equipped with advanced automation and control systems. They have built-in sensors, programmable settings, and sophisticated software for precise control over parameters such as pressure, temperature, and flow rates. These features ensure consistent and efficient extraction operations.

Differences 4#: Scalability and Modularity

  • Small CO2 Extraction Machine: Small-scale machines are generally not designed for easy scalability. They are standalone units suitable for individual use or small-scale operations.
  • Industrial CO2 Extraction Machine: Industrial-scale machines offer scalability and modularity. They can be designed as modular systems, allowing for expansion and customization to accommodate increasing production demands. Multiple extraction modules can be integrated to achieve higher throughput.

Differences 5#: Cost

  • Small CO2 Extraction Machine: Small-scale machines are relatively more affordable compared to industrial-scale machines. They are suitable for entry-level users or those with limited budgets.
  • Industrial CO2 Extraction Machine: Industrial-scale machines are significantly more expensive due to their larger size, higher extraction capacities, and advanced features. They are investments intended for commercial-scale operations.
Supercritical Agarwood Oil CO2 extraction machine 【CO2 Essential Oil Extraction Equipment】

It’s important to choose the appropriate CO2 extraction machine based on the specific needs and production requirements. Small-scale machines are suitable for research, development, and small-scale production, while industrial-scale machines are designed for large-scale commercial production with higher throughput and efficiency.