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Top 5 Uses and Benefits of Cardamom CO2 Oil

Cardamom oil extracted by supercritical CO2
Cardamom is the dried ripe fruit of the ginger plant White Cardamom or Java White Cardamom. According to the origin, it is divided into "original cardamom" and "Indonesian white cardamom".

Original Cardamom

The fruit is spherical, 1.2-1.7 cm in diameter;

The surface is milky white to light yellow, with 3 shallow longitudinal grooves and 3 inconspicuous obtuse ridges, 5 longitudinal uplift lines (vascular bundles) between the longitudinal grooves, a raised column base at the top, and a hollow in the center The base has a slightly raised round fruit stalk scar, and there are brown hairs around the base and the fruit stalk scar. The peel is woody and brittle, easy to split, the inner surface is light and shiny, and the concave vascular texture is visible.

The fruit has 3 chambers and a central axis placenta, with 7 to 10 seeds in each chamber, arranged longitudinally on the central axis placenta.

The seeds are irregular and polyhedral, slightly raised on the back, 3-4 mm in diameter, and covered with white-like membranous arils. The seed coat is gray-brown, with a finely corrugated surface;

The gas is fragrant, and the taste is pungent and cool, slightly like camphor.

Indonesian White Cardamom

Indonesian white kombu is slightly smaller, the surface is yellow-white, and some are slightly purple-brown, the peel is thin, the seeds are thin and shriveled, and the smell is weak.

Capsules are spherical, with three obtuse edges, 0.8-1.2 cm in diameter;
The raised line (vascular bundle) on each edge is more obvious than that of white cardamom;
The pericarp is woody and dull; the fruit has 3 chambers, and each chamber has 2 to 4 seeds.

The seed shape is the same as that of white cardamom.

Original Cardamom VS Indonesian White Cardamom

Original Cardamom

Peel cross-section

The exocarp is a row of flat oblong parenchyma cells. Mesocarp parenchyma cells are round, oblong, with outer tough vascular bundles on the inner side. The outer side of the vascular bundle is a fibrous bundle, which is half-moon-shaped. There are 1 to 4 rows of stone cells in intermittent bands between the vascular bundles. The stone cells are square or round, and the wall holes are obvious. The endocarp is a row of rectangular parenchyma cells, arranged neatly.

Seed cross-section

The seed epidermis is a row of radially elongated cells, 40-90 μm long, 10-40 μm wide, with thick walls and a transparent cuticle, and the hypodermis is 1-2 rows of parenchyma cells, full of brown pigments. Oil cells in one row, large, rectangular, 60-80 μm in the radial direction and 40-100 μm in the tangential direction, neatly arranged. The inner pigment layer consists of 2 to 4 rows of pigment-filled parenchyma cells.

The endotesta is a row of small, oblong-like cells, with a thick inner wall, the cell cavity is biased to the outside, and contains round-like siliceous blocks. The outer endosperm cells are filled with small starch granules and contain a few small calcium oxalate prisms; the endosperm and embryo cells contain fine aleurone grains.

Indonesian white cardamom

The exocarp cells of the Indonesian white kohlrabi are larger, 20-40 μm long and 12 μm wide; the mesocarp parenchyma is thicker and the stone cell wall is thinner.

Seed coat epidermal cells are small, 12-40 μm long and 8-20 μm wide; oil cells are oblong, neatly arranged, 60-100 μm long, and 60-80 μm wide

Cardamom mainly contains volatile oil

1,8-Cineole), d-Borneol, d-Camphor, Humulene, α-, β-Terpinene, α-, β-Pinene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Sabinene, Camphene, Limonene, α-Terpineol, α-Terpineol Wait.

Cardamom still contains protein and starch.

Cardamom CO2 Oil Uses and Benefits

Cardamom CO2 Oil, is well known for its use in sensual or aphrodisiac blends.
Cardamom is reputed to combat nausea, digestive problems, wind and heartburn. This lovely extract by CO2 Extraction Method can be used as a bath oil additive and is especially good in winter for colds and chills or massaged onto the stomach and upper body when blended with a carrier oil.

Antioxidant characteristics

Cardamom extract, as an antioxidant, is used for anti-oxidation and fresh-keeping of food raw materials. Its antioxidant effect is extremely strong. Only adding 0.005% of its weight to lard can effectively prevent lard from oxidative deterioration. degree, the BHA addition should be 0.02%. When the amount of this compound was increased to 0.02%, the antioxidant effect was twice that of BHA.

pharmacological action

Bacteriostatic effect

Cardamom shell decoction has an antibacterial effect on Shigella in vitro. Alpha-terpineol has a bacteriostatic effect on Bacillcus thuringiensis in vitro.


Alpha-terpineol and alpha-terpineol have anti-asthmatic effects on guinea pigs.

Stomach and antiemetic effect

It is an aromatic carminative and stomachic medicine. It can promote gastric juice secretion, enhance intestinal peristalsis, prevent abnormal fermentation in the intestine, and expel gastrointestinal gas. And has an antiemetic effect.

Other roles

Cardamom decoction can excite and inhibit the isolated intestine of a guinea pig at low concentration and high concentration. Its volatile oil can enhance the anti-experimental guinea pig tuberculosis effect of low-dose streptomycin.