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rosemary oil supercritical co2 extraction machine

Supercritical CO2 extraction of rosemary antioxidants and essential oils

The CO2 extraction process of rosemary oils

Pulverization degree: ? mesh
Extraction pressure: ? MPa
Extraction temperature: ? °C
Extraction time: ? min
Separate pressure I: ? MPa
Separate I temperature: ? °C
Separate pressure II: ? MPa
Separate II temperature: ? °C


Who’s best? 9 Rosemary Antioxidants and Oil Extraction Methods

Antioxidants, rosemary essential oil, etc. can be extracted from rosemary.The main components of antioxidants are diterpenoids, flavonoids, triterpenoids and other compounds with antioxidant functions; rosemary essential oil is a liquid oil composed of more than 30 volatile components.