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Supercritical CO2 extraction of black pepper oleoresin

Pure natural black pepper oil extracted by supercritical CO2

Black Pepper Essential Oil

The optimization black pepper Essential oil is extracted from berries of black pepper by supercritical CO2 fluid and light greenish in appearance.

This oil is free from solvent, pesticide residues and heavy metal traces and therefore is ideal for high quality pharmaceutical, cosmetic, cosmoceutical, nutraceutical formulations and food products.

Separation of piperine from pepper supercritical CO2 extract

According to the results of single factor investigation, it is preliminarily determined that the separation process of piperine in the supercritical CO2 extract of pepper is: dripping absolute ethanol in a constant temperature water bath at 40℃, the dosage is 1:5 (w/v), and then 1℃/ The cooling rate of 5min is reduced to 0℃, and it is placed at 0℃ for 4h to crystallize.