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Top 10 Manufacturers of Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine in the World


The following 10 supercritical CO2 extraction machine manufacturers are also the world’s optimization supercritical fluid extractor manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

To be fair, we do not list any Chinese companies in this list, although China is already the world’s largest manufacturer of CO2 extraction machines, Chinese companies are already world-class CO2 extractor manufacturers, both in terms of quantity and quality

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Please note it’s listed alphabetically rather than by rank, as well as some background information about what makes them better than most.

Applied Separations

Applied Separations

Founded in 1987, Applied Separations provide sample preparation products to today’s analytical laboratory and has become a pioneer and world-wide leader in the use of DNA-free products and Supercritical Fluids in traditional and non-traditional marketplaces.

Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd. (MKK) 

Mitsubishi Chemical

Founded in 1934. Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd. (MKK) uses its wealth of experience in the engineering of each vessel , equipment and accessories employed for the systems, optimization suited to a particular process. MKK manufactures extraction and separator vessels in conformity with Japanese regulations and standards, thus facilitating maintenance and the acquisition of regulatory approvals. Should other regulation and standard is required, it is also applicable upon consultation. MKK extraction and collection vessels use “Malok” self-tightening lids originally developed by the company itself which facilitate the opening and closing of the lids even in large-scale SFE systems. MKK SFE systems are designed and manufactured incorporating raw material handling, cleaning, automation and other peripheral technology to deliver the highest levels of reliability.

OCO labs

oco labs

Founded in 2014, Oco Labs is a professional manufacturer of tabletop co2 extractors in the United States. Oco Labs sells CO2 extractors and spare parts. Extractors such as the 110v superc extractor, 110v the complete system, 220v superc extractor, superc extractor, and others are available. The timing belt, snap ring, silicone hose, cylinder, chamber tube, felt strip kit, connecting rod with bushings, and other spare components are available.



Established in 2005, but with several solid figures of experience gained since 1995 in supercritical fluid extraction, Separeco represents a pioneer in Italy in the sustainable approach of this sector. And this has led to major implications for entire product lines that, however technical and abstruse the subject may seem, actually affect the daily lives of millions of people.

SFE process

sfe process

Established in 2015, SFE Process is a French company based in Nancy. Designs and builds high-pressure equipment for supercritical fluids application in accordance with the DESP and the ASME regulation, ensure full after-sales service and manages R&D programs for continuous support to customers in their success.

SITEC-Sieber Engineering AG

SITEC-Sieber Engineering AG

Established in 1984, SITEC produces and sells a complete programme of High-Pressure components (valves, fittings, tubes, autoclaves, optical cells and pumps) and High-Pressure Pilot Units.

Supercritical Fluid Technologies

Supercritical Fluid Technologies

Established in 1994, Supercritical Fluid Technologies Inc. develops innovative solutions for demanding separation and material processing needs. With nearly two decades of experience, SFT provides cutting-edge equipment and innovative, custom solutions for high quality separations and processing.

Thar Process

Almost everyday at Thar, we operate systems processing up to 3 tonnes/day (2 x 720L) and a 1/2 ton/day (2x150L). We also design, manufacture and sell pilot systems from 30 kg biomass/day to 8 tonnes biomass/day.

Established in 1990, Thar designs, fabricates + implements automated supercritical fluid extraction / purification systems.


Thyssen Krupp

Based in Germany, manufactures and sells CO2 extraction equipment



Established in 1958, Waters’ main product brands include: ACQUITY UPLC systems, ACQUITY UPC2 Systems, Xevo mass spectrometry systems, Synapt MS systems, Synapt HDMS systems, XTerra HPLC columns, XBridge columns, ACQUITY UPLC columns, Alliance HPLC systems, Empower chromatography and MassLynx mass spectrometry software, Oasis sample preparation products, NuGenesis lab management system (LMS).

Final Thoughts

In order to select the optimization 10 co2 extraction equipment manufacturers, we have done a lot of research and investigation. We hope that this co2 essential oil extraction equipment brand ranking can help you choose the most suitable equipment supplier for you.

Of course, we prefer you to contact us, because we are very professional, so we can provide you with better solutions and the optimization CO2 extractor.