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Supercritical CO2-Deoiling Process of Soy Lecithin


Phospholipids are the general term for lipids containing phosphate roots.

The main components are phosphatidylcholine (lecithin), phosphatidylethanolamine (cephalin), phosphatidylinositol (inositol phospholipid), phosphatidic acid and phosphatidylserine.

Phospholipids are an indispensable component of animal and plant tissues and one of the basic materials of biofilms.

Biofilms are not only a protective barrier for cells, but also important structures for the synthesis, metabolism, and transportation of life substances. Phospholipids are guaranteed by their regular structure and properties. The normal structure and function of cells are the basic materials of life.

Phospholipids are also an important substance for the formation and transmission of nerve information in the brain, accounting for 30% of the brain’s weight. Phospholipids play an emulsifying role in the blood, which can effectively dissolve cholesterol and make it suspended in the blood, avoiding deposition and ensuring normal blood circulation. Phospholipids can dissolve and eliminate lipid peroxides in the body and activate cell functions.

Due to the above functional properties of phospholipids, phospholipids have the effects of regulating blood lipids, improving memory, and delaying aging. At the same time, it has no toxic side effects, and it is a kind of health medicine with great development prospects.

Experiment process

On December 25, 2019, we conducted a soy lecithin deoiling test at the request of an Indian company.

SFE equipment:L-06

Raw material

Soy Lecithin From India

Provided by an Indian company, containing 40-50% of liquid grease, in the form of ointment.

The yellow liquid in the plastic container on the workbench is the separated oil

Deoiled Soy Lecithin Skim Power (Just Taken Out Of The Separation Kettle, The Temperature Is Very Low)
Lecithin powder at room temperature

Lecithin deoiling test report

Supercritical CO2-Deoiling Process of Soy Lecithin


This is a preliminary one-time test. Our purpose is only to prove that the oil in lecithin can be removed by the SFE method.

In the test, we adopted a special process, which can make the test effect better.

Of course, in actual production, we need more tests to achieve the best deoiling effect.

Technically speaking, it can achieve 100% oil removal.

Process parameters

Extraction pressure: 21 MP
Extraction temperature: 45°C
Separation pressure: 6.5 MPa
Separation temperature: 60°C
Extraction time: 70 min
Other crafts: We use other special crafts