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Top 6 factors in herbal oil CO2 extraction machine design

What is a supercritical CO2 extraction process?

CO2 Extraction Equipment

The herbal oil supercritical CO2 extraction process is a popular method for extracting essential oils and other active compounds from plant materials. This process uses carbon dioxide (CO2) as a solvent, which is pressurized and heated to its supercritical state to dissolve and extract the desirable compounds from the plant material. The extracted oil and CO2 are then separated by reducing the pressure and temperature, leaving behind pure and high-quality herbal oil. The CO2 extraction process is efficient and environmentally friendly, producing high-purity oils with no residual solvents or contaminants. The specific parameters of the CO2 extraction process depend on the plant material and desired end product.

CO2 Essential Oil Extraction Equipment

List of extractable herbal oils: Ginger powder, ginger essential oil, wood sesame oil, wuhuo oil, ganoderma lucidum oil, black (white) pepper oil, celery oil seed oil, medlar seed oil, grape seed oil, fenugreek oil, white coriander oil, Tanshinone, propolis, barley oil, egg yolk powder (oil), cumin oil, sea buckthorn oil, evening primrose oil (refined), capsicum red pigment (refined), chuanxiong oil, angelica oil, safflower oil, aroma oil, walnut Kernel oil, atractylodes, white cardamom, etc.

Six major factors are considered in the design of herbal oil CO2 extraction equipment

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Designing CO2 extraction equipment for herbal oil requires a focus on safety, efficiency, durability, ease of operation, continuous operation, and sustainability. These requirements will help ensure that the equipment is suitable for the extraction process, efficient and safe enough for use. When designing herbal oil CO2 extraction equipment, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Safety: Safety measures must be taken into account when designing the equipment to avoid accidents, such as leakages or explosions, during operation. The equipment should be designed with high-quality materials that can withstand high pressure and temperatures during operation.
  • Efficiency: The equipment should be designed to increase the efficiency of the extraction process, which includes reducing the extraction time and increasing the extraction yield. The design should consider factors such as extraction vessel size, temperature, pressure, and flow rate to optimize the extraction process.
  • Ease of operation: The equipment should be easy to operate and maintain, with clear and user-friendly instructions. The opening and closing of the extraction kettle should be easy to perform, and the sealing should be tight and efficient.
  • Durability: The equipment should be designed to be durable and able to withstand frequent use without breaking down. The materials used in the construction should be of high quality and resistant to wear and tear.
  • Continuous operation: The design should enable the equipment to operate continuously during three shifts if necessary. The system should have automation functions, including temperature and pressure regulation, to ensure the system can operate without human intervention.
  • Sustainable: Environmentally-friendly design, energy-efficient, and recycling measures should be considered to reduce the environmental impact of the equipment.

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