R-700T 2100L 700L×3 Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine

Supercritical CO2 extraction machine with three extractors

The supercritical CO2 extraction machine designed with three extraction kettles has been widely used in industrial production.
The three extraction kettles can work in series and in parallel.
We recommend to perform CO2 extraction in parallel, which has the highest efficiency; because in parallel extraction, there are always two extractors in the CO2 extraction state, and the third extractor is waiting for the next time after unloading biomass.
In this way, 22 extraction batches can be carried out in 24 hours. This is a semi-continuous extraction method, and the CO2 extraction system with three extractors is a very efficient machine.

At the beginning of 2014, we conducted a statistics. There are about 15 sets of supercritical CO2 extraction systems designed with three extractors in China; the minimum volume of a single extractor is 200L and the maximum is 3500L; and these industrial-grade CO2 extraction systems are large Part of the main work is the extraction of vegetable oils.

2100L Supercritical CO2 Extractor

A supercritical CO2 extraction machine composed of three 700L extractors, used for CO2 extraction of herbal oil, hemp/hemp/hemp oil, and rose essential oil.

The R-700T supercritical CO2 extraction machine has three extraction kettles and two separation kettles. The extraction working medium is carbon dioxide. The working medium can be recycled during the working process. It is equipped with a cosolvent system with a flow rate of 100L/h.
The R-700T supercritical CO2 extraction machine covers an area of ​​about 500 square meters and has a net height of 10 meters. The equipment is fully automatic control equipment. The extraction and separation pressure and temperature are automatically controlled and can be remotely monitored by a computer. Both the series and parallel operations of the valves are manually controlled. During the working process, the maximum working pressure of each extraction kettle is controlled by a four-fold method of pressure detection sensor, safety valve and control signal interlocking, which is safe and reliable.

The R-700T supercritical CO2 extraction machine extraction kettle cover adopts a clamp-type hydraulic automatic quick-opening structure. The inner walls, pipes and pipe fittings in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel with acid and alkali resistance and suitable for food hygiene requirements. The equipment extraction process The medium CO2 in the system can be recycled to maximize the use of CO2.

2100L (700L×3) supercritical CO2 extraction machine configuration parameter table

Volume700 L, 3 setsVolumeⅠ 300 L, Ⅱ Ⅲ 240L
Max Working Pressure350barMax. working pressure Ⅰ 180bar, Ⅱ Ⅲ 120bar
Outlet pressure350 barOutlet pressure350 bars
Max. flowrate4000L/hTank/Max. flowrate200L / 100L/h
Volume/Pump3000L / 1500L/hParameters controlPC-based software with recipe for automation
Working pressure85 bar / 100bar DataloggingIncluded
Working pressure60 bar

Extended learning

Supercritical CO2 extraction of herbal oil

Supercritical CO2 extraction technology is applied to herbal medicine, mainly including extraction and separation, extraction and separation and concentration, removal of organic solvents and removal of impurities.

The supercritical CO2 extraction technology can extract and separate the effective components of traditional Chinese medicine volatile oils, fatty oils, coumarins, terpenes, alkaloids, ketones, esters, etc., which can be basically completed independently, and has unparalleled performance in other technologies. Superiority.

Over the past 30 years, some of the herbal raw materials manufactured by HUAN’s supercritical CO2 extraction device have been tested or produced by HUAN:

Ligusticum chuanxiong hort, Angelica, Safflower, Woody, Dalbergia, Cumin, Spice, Peppermint, Houttuynia, Evening Primrose, Nutmeg, Angelica, Turmeric, Magnolia, Alisma, Rhodiola, Artemisia annua, Sand Kernel, Chuanxinlian, Tanshinone, Lycium barbarum seed, Ganoderma lucidum spore powder oil, Propolis, Nicotine, Theophylline, Capsaicin, etc.

How to extract herbal oil

After 30 years of extraction experience, we believe that there are quite a few varieties of herbal medicines that can be extracted using supercritical CO2 alone. The key is how to choose a good variety or use a good entrainer

Extraction process of herbal oil:
Ligusticum Chuanxiong Hort Herbal Oil Extract

Extraction goal: to obtain high-purity volatile oil for injection.
Extraction process
The raw material is crushed into 40 meshes, the extraction pressure is 7.8MPa (subcritical state), the temperature is 31.8°C (fluid temperature), the separation Ⅰ pressure is 6MPa, the temperature is 30°C; the separation Ⅱ pressure is 5.6MPa, the temperature is 25°C, the cycle is 2 hours, and the yield is 2.8 About% (except for moisture).

Aucklandia Lappa Decne (Saussurea Lappa Clarke) Herbal Oil Extract

Extraction process
The raw material is crushed to 60 mesh, the extraction pressure is 28MPa, the temperature is 32°C; the separation I pressure is 6MPa, the temperature is 45°C; the separation II pressure is 5MPa, the temperature is 25°C, the cycle time is 1.5-2 hours, and the yield is 3%.

Houttuynia Herbal Oil Extract

Respectively steam distillation method, organic solvent extraction method and supercritical CO2 extraction method. For the extraction experiment of Houttuynia cordata volatile oil, supercritical CO2 extraction takes the extraction pressure, temperature, and flow rate as the three parameters, and designs the three-factor four-level orthogonal test.

Extraction process
The raw material is crushed to 40 meshes, the extraction pressure is 20MPa, the temperature is 35°C, the CO2 flow rate is 40Kg/h, and the extraction rate is 1.76%.

The influence of different extraction methods on the extraction rate:

  1. Steam distillation: dark yellow color, strong smell, time 6h, extraction rate 0.042%
  2. Petroleum ether extraction: orange-yellow color, strong odor, time 12h, extraction rate 0.084%;
  3. Supercritical CO2 extraction: light yellow color, pure smell, time 1.5h, extraction rate 1.76%.
    Supercritical CO2 extraction of Houttuynia cordata volatile oil is superior to the other two traditional methods in terms of color, smell, extraction rate and time.
  4. Angelica Herbal Oil

Extraction process
The raw material is crushed 80-100 mesh, the extraction pressure is 25MPa, the temperature is 35°C; the separation I pressure is 8MPa, the temperature is 45°C; the separation II pressure is 5.6MPa, the temperature is 35°C, the cycle time is 1.5h, and the extraction rate is 1.3%.

 Curcuma/Turmeric Oil Extract

CO2 extraction process
Raw material crushed 40 mesh, extraction pressure 20MPa, temperature 25°C, distillation column pressure 9MPa, temperature 30-50°C (four-section gradient); separation Ⅰ pressure 6MPa, temperature 45°C; separation Ⅱ pressure 5MPa, temperature 30°C, extraction rate 7.5%, light-colored cosmetics, dark-colored medicinal use.

Ganoderma Spore Powder Essential Oil Extract:

CO2 extraction process
Raw material Ganoderma lucidum broken spore powder, the main effective ingredients are oleic acid, linoleic acid, triterpenes, etc., extraction conditions: extraction pressure 28-30MPa, temperature 40℃, extraction rate 20-28%,
The origin of the raw materials is different, and the extraction efficiency is different.

Herbal oil CO2 extraction plant Cost and machine extraction co2 price

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