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CO2 Extraction Process

The six key factors affecting the extraction of CO2 are: pressure, temperature, CO2 flow rate, time, co-solvent and particle size of raw materials.

Extraction pressure

The extraction pressure determines the composition of the extract.

High pressure means that the extraction time is shortened, and more extracts will be obtained. However, we need to be cautious to increase the extraction pressure, because more ineffective extracts will be obtained under high pressure. In our thirty years of extraction experiment, we know that with proper extraction pressure process, pure extracts will be obtained at one time.

Extraction temperature

Take the extraction of terpenoids limonene and carvone as an example: when the extraction pressure is 8MPa, the temperature rises from 35°C to 60°C, and the solubility of the two compounds decreases due to the decrease in the density of the CO2 fluid. When the temperature exceeds 60°C, as the temperature increases, the corresponding solubility will increase.

Therefore, the extraction temperature setting often requires more extensive extraction experience. BIT engineers are good at this field, please contact us, we will give you better extraction suggestions.

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